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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Get Your Greens This Fall

I received products to try out, and I am an independent distributor for Shaklee. No other compensation was given. All opinions are 100% my own.

Even though we do not see much green growing outside in our garden anymore, we cannot just stop eating our greens all fall and winter season! I love drinking my daily green drink right before my workout and taking my favorite green tabs throughout the day. (Check out what I eat before/after workout) These are great ways to quickly get in a TON of fruits and veggies, which are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals.

Look for green mixes that contain a wide variety of fruits and veggies, have little to no sugar in them, and taste great.

Below are three of my favorite ways to get my greens (do not forget to also eat your veggies - I eat a ton of those daily, as well):

Amazing Grass offers several great options, using whole-food nutrition to neutralize acidity and help the body achieve ideal pH levels, while ridding toxins to allow for optimal function. All their products are certified organic, plant-based and non-GMO. Big thumbs up from me!

Dropping a teaspoon of their greens in your water and drinking it up is like a daily cleanse for your body! They have small single serve packets that make on-the-go nutrition so simple. Throw it in your bag for work or the gym, and you are ready for a healthy boost to your day.

Greens Balance is another great option. They make getting your daily servings of fruits and veggies so much easier with their spectrum of proprietary color blends of whole fruit and vegetable powders — delivering antioxidants, phytonutrients and fiber you need.

Do NOT forget to take your alfalfa! I love it so much I buy it 700 tablets at a time! And I use those up with my family in probably a month or two. Here is why I love it so much:

Alfalfa provides a wide variety of nutrients including calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, chlorophyll, and bioflavonoids. It is 13 times more alkaline than the most alkaline vegetables. It’s a natural anti-histamine and a natural anti-inflammatory, and I love it for fighting off allergies and boosting my immune system. You can eat the organic green leaves or you can take a dehydrated version, like I do, in tablet form for the most benefits. A dear friend has always told me that alfalfa are like the vegetables on your plate - you do not just eat one pea or one green bean. You eat a whole bunch. That is why I personally take 10-15 per day. Start out with a few and add more in if you would like. Eating Alfalfa is like eating a raw super-alkaline green salad that’s full of living enzymes, chlorophyll, and other phytonutrients.

Symptoms that benefit from Alfalfa: swelling, pain or stiff joints, arthritis, ulcers, stomach ailments, colon problems, gas pain, hiatal hernia, water retention, stimulates appetite, swollen ankles and feet, sinus problems, allergies, hayfever, gout, body odor, smelly feet, bad breath, detoxification
Health benefits of Alfalfa: natural antihistamine, diuretic, digestive aid, provides fiber and chlorophyll, rich source of trace minerals, aids diabetics, lowers cholesterol, anti-tumor, anti-bacterial

Plus, I love how high in protein it is - alfalfa has 18.9% as compared to beef at 16.5%, milk at 3.3% and eggs at 13.1%. (Muscles are composed of protein and the lack of it results in fatigue and weakness.)

Get your greens!


  1. I love that it's high in protein as well. I have trouble with my iron, so I will be looking into taking this.

    1. Absolutely! Greens like alfalfa are so vital for fueling our bodies every single day!

  2. I love Greens Balance! It's an amazing product!


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