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Monday, September 26, 2016

ButcherBox Delivers to You!

Meat - it's what's for dinner (along with tons of veggies) most nights at our house. We love all types of meat and fish for the great protein and other nutrients they give us. But we don't just eat your average grocery store meat. We prefer to buy the highest quality, organic, grass-fed meat. Why? Because there is a huge difference between factory farmed meat you find at most grocery stores (GMO corn-fed, fed antibiotics and hormones, stuck in tiny pens most of their lives, living in filth) and meat from animals that live the way animals are supposed to live (pastured out in nature eating grass).

For many people these days, this kind of humanely treated, healthier, more delicious meat can be hard to find. I like to buy mine from a local farmer. I also love ButcherBox!

What is ButcherBox? They are a monthly delivery service for All Natural 100% Grass Fed Beef, Organic Chicken and Heritage Breed Pork. For those of you without access to Grass Fed beef or who don’t have the freezer space to store the hundreds of pounds that sometimes come with many grass fed purchases, ButcherBox is an awesome option. Now grass-fed, pastured meat is available to all of us!
Just head to their website and pick out which of their 4 boxes you would like to get started with. Each box comes with 7 - 10 lbs of meat, which is enough for at least 20 individual meals (at a 5 - 8oz portion size).
 We chose the all beef box, and we received some very delicious cuts of meat such as: ground beef, sirloin tips, top sirloins and recipe cards to go along with. I personally have never cooked some of these cuts of meat, so I was extremely grateful for the recipe cards and extra information about each type of meat.
I can't say enough about how easy it was to order through ButcherBox, what quality products we received and what a wonderful opportunity it is to get high quality meats right to your front door. ButcherBox can change the way Americans eat, and I appreciate everything about their mission and products!

Thank you to ButcherBox for their products for review. All opinions are my own.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Are Baby Gates Really Just Baby Gates for Stairs?

This is a sponsored post. All content is 100% my own thoughts and emotions. 

As I am sure you know, I am the mother of four beautiful children. After having my fourth 20 months ago, I realized how much my health had been suffering. Since then, I have been trying to nourish my body and bring it back to optimal health. One of the decisions my husband and I made along the way was that it would not be wise for us to have any more children, or at least not for a long time. Bam. End of an era. No more babies.

This was and is really hard for my mama heart to digest.

Finally I got up the courage to have a garage sale and get rid of all the baby stuff. However, I noticed the other day, I somehow forgot the baby gate - yep, as in baby gates for stairs. I walk past this gate 100 times a day, but somehow I have had no desire to remove it now that all my children can safely walk down stairs. Why is that? Is this baby gate more than just a baby gate for me? Is it a symbol of the end of a decade of baby-loving? Am I in denial that my baby is not a baby anymore?

If I am honest with myself, I would answer 100% yes.

Those precious moments right after birth, the days of snuggling and baby drool, a little head falling asleep against your beating heart, the sweet baby smiles, the firsts - first roll over, first time sitting up, first steps, first high five, these are the things I am desperately trying to hang onto for every precious second.

As my youngest grows up and my oldest grows up even more, I have to accept that we are moving to a new phase of life. And it is okay to shed some tears. It is okay to miss the baby moments. It is even okay to let the baby gate stay up for longer than it is necessary.

If you are struggling to move onward from the baby stage, move into the school age or move into the empty nest stage, it is okay. Give yourself some grace, let the tears flow, feel the emotions that go along with taking steps forward into new territory, and enjoy every moment with your precious family because these are the moments you all will remember forever.

Monday, August 22, 2016

5 Things I Love about PureHaven Essentials

You know I am obsessed with products that are safe, clean, made from ingredients I trust, and work great. When I was introduced to PureHaven Essentials, there were a few things that made me take a second look.

1. They use high quality ingredients that are hand-crafted in small batches, well-tested, and made to be a safe addition to your home. I mean - even the water that goes into their products passes through a state of the art system comprised of both Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultra Violet (UV) filters. Pretty cool!

2. They offer some of my favorite products. I have no interest in a company that doesn't supply what I need. Whether I am looking to stock up on shower gel, deodorant, moisturizing hand soap or jojoba oil, they have me covered.

3. They are affordable. While I do appreciate the best quality products, I don't have $30 to spend on hand soap. However, I do have $13.95 to spend on a 16 oz bottle of safe, moisturizing hand soap. By the way, the products smell amazing, since they are using organic essential oils to scent them. The shower gel makes me feel like I am back in Costa Rica on vacation.

4. I love that I am supporting a company that cares that what they are giving consumers is safe, and I am supporting an independent consultant who is trying to support herself and/or her family. I love knowing who my dollars are supporting. Julie from PureHaven Essentials has been great to work with and very generous with her great products...which leads me to #5.

5. I love that we are able to share with you! We are giving away a bottle of shower gel (yes, the amazing tropical smelling one) to one of you! Awesome, right?

GIVEAWAY!! (1) lucky winner will receive (1) bottle of PureHaven Essentials Shower Gel. Enter below. 

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Thanks to Julie for sending products for review. No other compensation was given.  

Friday, August 12, 2016

Healthy Back To School Lunch Ideas

This is a sponsored post. Thanks to Crunchmaster for making it possible. 

You know what time of year it is - back to school time!! This year, I am home-schooling one daughter for Kindergarten and one for pre-school, but my oldest son is heading off to school for 3rd grade. 

I know that when school is in session, our mornings get really hectic around here... trying to make sure my son's homework is done, his clothes are clean, healthy breakfast eaten, nutritious lunch packed and making sure he is not late for the bus. Basically school mornings involve a lot of me diffusing Stress Away and taking deep breaths. 

So I am working on making things a little simpler by having some good lunch ideas ready ahead of time, so I can just pick one and go. 

Let's share ideas and make each others' mornings a whole lot easier!

In this lunch, I've included gluten free Crunchmaster 7 Ancient Grains crackers, cucumber slices, a guacamole pack, apricots, and grass-fed organic cheese slices. 

I love these Crunchmaster crackers, because they fit our gluten free lifestyle. They are made from non-GMO brown rice, quinoa, flax, and are deliciously tasty and crunchy. I picked this fresh cucumber from our garden and added apricots to make sure we have fruit and veggies packed. I love this organic guacamole for the healthy fats and nutrients. The cheese is a bit of treat, since we don't eat a lot of dairy, but because it is grass-fed, organic cheese, I know it provides some healthy protein to lunch.

Here is another idea: cherry tomatoes, frozen peas, a hard-boiled egg, a banana, and homemade trail mix. 

I picked these cherry tomatoes from our garden and added in the peas and banana to make sure we have plenty of fruits and veggies. I added in a hard-boiled egg and trail mix for protein and healthy fats. 

Now tell me - what are you packing for healthy school lunches? After you share in the comments your creative lunch ideas using Crunchmaster crackers, make sure you enter our giveaway to win your own Crunchmaster prize pack!

That's right - One lucky winner will receive a Crunchmaster Prize Pack!! Enter below.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Aurorae Summer Essentials Giveaway!

Summer is in full swing here in Minnesota, and we are loving the hot temps and sunny days. We love going to the beach, for walks, or just running around our yard barefoot - whatever we can do to be outside and soaking up the sun.

I want to share with you today two of my summer essentials - my favorite tank and sandals. Both are from Aurorae Yoga, which offer so many great products to fit your healthy lifestyle.

Let me first share about the sandals. These are not just your average flip flops. Oh no - these flip flops are Yoga Mat Flip Flops! The footbed is actually made from real yoga mats, which makes wearing them super comfortable. The vegan leather straps are lined with their own Yogi Pose pattern, and these straps haven't irritated my feet yet (and I have been wearing these flip flops all summer)!
Another thing that really sets these apart in my mind is that they are eco safe and free of toxins, plus they come with a 1 year warranty!

As for the Flowy Racer Back Tank Top, let's just say it is a favorite of mine to wear to the gym, or the beach, or to the library. It looks cute with almost anything. It is very soft and comfortable to wear when working out. It is also very flattering for any figure, which is the best quality to have in a tank top.
Want to add these to your wardrobe? Check them out on Amazon or enter our giveaway below!

We are giving away (1) Tank Top and pair of Yoga Mat Flip Flops to (1) lucky winner!
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Thanks to Aurorae for these awesome products for review. No other compensation was given.  

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

100 Calorie Healthy Snacks

100 calories. What does that normally mean? A handful of broccoli, a few cubes of cheese, 50 raisins, a baked potato? Or you could grab a less healthy 100 calorie snack pack of crackers or cookies that are all the rage in the snack aisles. 

What about something that combines healthy nutritional support and delicious taste all wrapped up in a 100 calorie treat? Sound too good to be true? Nope. 

I have now added the new Zing bars to my list of healthy snacks that I love to bring to the gym, on a road trip, or keep in my purse when hunger strikes.
Here's why: each bar contains a ‘smart’ balance of high quality proteins, slow burning carbs, and good fats to support metabolism and brain function, and dietary fiber for digestive system health and long-lasting hunger satisfaction. The bars contain organic fair trade dark chocolate(yum!) out of Peru as opposed to the more commonly used compound chocolates. There is no dairy or soy in the chocolate, making Zing the only soy and dairy-free dark chocolate in the country. The peanuts(and peanut butter) are sourced from Argentina. They are gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO.  

The 100 calorie bars come in six DELICOUS flavors: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Coconut, Coconut Cashew Crisp, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate Mint and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. My favorite is...oh wait...I cannot possibly choose. Honestly, they are all sooooo yummy!

Who wants to try them?

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Thanks to Zing Bars for sending products for me to try out. No other compensation is given. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Essential Oil Carrying Case Giveaway

It is no secret that I love essential oils. If you are curious about why, check out my Essential Oil Q + A: Why and How to Use Them. Make sure don't miss this post or this one either.

I use oils daily in my home with my family. This summer, we are traveling quite a bit, and taking oils along is a MUST! But how to take them without leaking or spilling any of those precious ounces?

Believe it or not, there are carrying cases made especially for taking essential oils with you!! Yay! After all, if you are going to invest in high quality oils then it only makes sense to properly store them. Since they are made of glass, you want to make sure you pack them carefully, and a good carrying case will help you travel easily with your oils, without finding them broken or leaking.

Thanks to Soothing Terra, I now have an awesome carrying case. I have the hard shell case that can hold (30) 5 mL or 10 mL bottles. I love that I can fit all the oils I need to bring in this case. It has a hard shell, so I don't have to worry about bottles being crushed. The only thing that would make this case perfect was if the handle would be on top of the case, so my oils would never be tipped over.

Soothing Terra carries a nice variety of oil accessories, and I love that they offer a 100% money back guarantee on their products. If for any reason you are not happy with their essential oil cases, just let them know and they will make it right.

Find the case that is right for you, and have fun traveling with no more fear for your oils. 

Who wants to win one???
 We are giving away (1) Soothing Terra essential oil carrying case to (1) lucky winner!

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Thanks to Soothing Terra for sending me this case to review. No other compensation was given.