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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tabata Tuesday - Total Body Burner!

It's our favorite day of the week again! Why? Well, because we are crazy about Tabata, and we give away FREE Tabata workouts right here. Yep, it's your lucky day! (If you haven't learned about why Tabata is the workout I recommend most as a certified personal trainer, read all about it here.)

Today, we are going to work your whole body - from your booty to your abs to your strong upper body. I call this workout Total Body Burner, because it is going to burn mega fat and your whole body is going to be stronger by the end. As you can see, I am pregnant! In fact, I am 26 weeks pregnant, so feel free to pass this workout on to your pregnant fitness friends. Have fun getting ripped and burning fat!

Work hard during each 20 second burst and enjoy the rests in between. Make sure you are giving it 100% to see the best results! Do this workout 3 times this week, every other day, and then I will give you a new workout soon to keep your body guessing and the fat flying off!

Tabata 10 - Total Body Burner!

This is an interval workout that consists of hard work for 20 seconds and then 10 seconds of rest directly following that. You repeat that pattern for 8 sets. That is one round. You can choose to do as many or as few rounds as you would like. This workout contains 5 rounds. Do as many as you can and challenge yourself to finish them all!

Round 1 -  Morning Glories - 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest - 8 X

 Start in a standing position. Hold weights or hands up by your ears.
 Bend forward from the hips, keeping back straight and abs pulled in towards your spine. Squeeze hamstrings and glutes to stand back up.

Round 2 -  Pushup to Side Plank - 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest - 8 X
From a plank position, bend elbows to come down into a pushup. 
 Take a big exhale and come out of the pushup into a side plank. For more difficulty, add in the top leg lift.
Do another pushup and exhale into a side plank on the other side. 
   *If you would like to make this easier, you can also do the pushups and/or planks on your knees.

Round 3 -  Curtsy Lunge and Squat Jump - 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest - 8 X
 Start in a curtsy lunge position, with right leg behind and diagonal to left leg, both knees bent.
 Move into a squat position.
And jump out of the squat position!

  Next, curtsy lunge to the opposite side, with left leg behind and diagonal to right leg.

Round 4 -  Back Row and Leg Lift - 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest - 8 X
 Start in a bent over position from hips, back straight. Let your arms hang down, holding onto weights.
Exhale as you lift elbows to ceiling and weights towards armpits. Add in a leg lift if you would like added difficulty.

Round 5 -  Little Front Kicks - 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest - 8 X

Keeping legs as straight as possible and holding arms straight out to sides, kick your feet up and off the ground quickly, switching legs with every kick. Squeeze your abs and hold arms strong.

That is it! Rock this workout, and you are going to feel amazing! Remember, do this 3 times a week to get in awesome shape and join me next time for another great Tabata workout!
*Feel free to ask any questions. Also, please remember to consult your doctor before beginning exercise. I am obviously not responsible for any injuries or accidents that happen during or after this workout. Be safe and be healthy!*

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Best Garlic Press Ever!

Garlic is such a super food, but it can also be a super pain-in-the-butt food. I still love using it in my kitchen, which is why I am so thankful for my new garlic press from Orblue. This tool is a must-have for any home cook! 

Let me share with you what really sets this garlic press apart from others.  

1. It easily minces garlic in one press! (No more sore palms or aching fingers like you get with other garlic presses)
2. Large capacity basket! (Press good sized cloves ... even if you leave the peels on)
3. No more stinky "garlic hands"! (Easy to use and even easier to clean so you won't have to worry about smelling like garlic cloves all day)
4. Heavy duty, quality construction! (BUT it weighs in at a svelte 9.3 oz so ANYONE can use it effortlessly)
5. Backed by an INSANE Double Guarantee!

 I love that the Propessor Garlic Press is made from 100% stainless steel, unlike many of the garlic pressers on the market that are made from cheap zinc alloy. It won't rust, won't weaken at the joint, and won't break, unlike other garlic presses I have owned.
 It is so easy to use. I just throw the garlic cloves in - even with the skins on!
 Press away!
Then, you can open it up and grab the peel out. Or if you do not want to touch it at all, a knife or other utensil works great at getting the leftover peel out. 

You can also see how easy it is to use on their their YouTube video:

I highly recommend this garlic press. It is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store! Order your own Propresser Garlic Press today. Use it in your kitchen to effortlessly press garlic and add loads of flavor to your favorite dishes. You can find it on Amazon here:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Fun!

Living healthy natural lives is not always the easiest thing, which is why I started my blog - to inspire and help others live their best life healthfully and naturally. Friday Fun is my way of sharing a bit of my life with you, my readers and friends, and I hope you will be willing to share your thoughts and ideas with me too.

So, here we go!

In my life this week...
Well, this week got cold very fast! We have been having near freezing temps at night, and I am scared for my poor garden! We planted spaghetti squash and beans quite late, and I am still hoping they will survive for about another month.

Last week was a fun week! It my husband and my birthdays! We had a fun time celebrating, including going to a delicious new restaurant featuring lots of local and organic food and visiting a free conservatory, which was absolutely so peaceful and beautiful. We both agree that although we are another year older, we do NOT feel any older than we were 10 years ago. Age is just a number, right?

I am inspired by...
wives and mothers who are doing a better job than I am at loving their husbands as they should. I am a work in progress...

My favorite thing this week was...
hearing my baby's heartbeat! Yes, I know I am 26 weeks pregnant, but we had a little scare with the baby's heartbeat, and so this was pure music to my ears!

What's working/not working for me...
Working - I am juggling more at work than normal, with a few new personal training clients and new sessions of small group training starting soon. But, I absolutely love what I do, so it is exciting. I have the help of my wonderful husband with watching the kids while I work or helping pick up at my work. I could not do it without him.

Not working -I have been feeling much more pregnant this week than normal - some backaches, a lot of round ligament pain, a cramp here and there - nothing to complain about - but it reminds me I might have to slow down a little sometime. Ha! :-)

Questions/thoughts I have...
I am constantly wondering how to help my children develop self-control. They really struggle with this; granted, they are all ages 6 and under, but I want to help them solve their problems and develop control over their emotions.

I'm reading...
Unglued Devotional by Lysa TerKerst, One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, lots of other historical fiction books, and I am still reading through one chapter of the Bible a day, now I am in Luke.

I'm cooking...
This week I tried out a new recipe, and it was a hit! I made my own paleo barbecue sauce, poured it over homemade grass-fed beef meatballs, and left it in the slow cooker for about 2 hours. Delicious!!! I also bought some squash, since ours are not quite ready, and we are craving squash. I plan to make spaghetti squash and with meat sauce tonight. Yum! Otherwise, lots of cucumbers, tomatoes, and herbs fresh from the garden.

I'm grateful for...
birthdays, moments of happiness with my kids, patience during the unhappy moments with my kids, forgiveness, sweatshirts, blankets, work that I love, new recipes, Paleo on the Go, and so much more!

A photo, video, link, or quote to share... 

A little picture of love from my kids!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Brand I Trust for my Seafood

*Thanks to Wild Planet for supplying me with a few new products to try. I am a huge fan of their products, and it is my pleasure to share my own thoughts and opinions with you without being compensated by this company.*

So many people are confused about seafood. Is it full of toxins? Should I eat tuna? What fish should I eat? Where should it be caught? Let me a clear up a few things for you today.

First of all, you should definitely be concerned about what fish you are eating, where it is caught or if it is farmed, and if it is packaged in BPA free containers. Why? Because there is a lot of crappy fish being sold out there. To make matters worse, the canned fish is almost all packed in BPA laden cans. Double yuck! Read more about why BPA is a serious concern.

So, should we just stop eating fish all together? My suggestion is no. 

There are some great options out there for you packed full of protein and Omega 3s that your body needs. Let me share the only brand I use with my family for packaged fish, and why.

Wild Planet is my choice for my family. Not only are they the most environmentally friendly company I have found, but their products contain way more of the good stuff that fish offers than other brands. For instance, their Wild Planet Tuna contains six times the omega 3 of other brands.

But, isn’t tuna bad? Especially for pregnant women or kids? Why am I eating this as a pregnant women and sharing it with my three little kids? With high levels of protein, omega 3, calcium, and other nutrients, Wild Planet tuna has more of the good and less of the bad. Open a can from a conventional brand and you’ll find small portions of tuna swimming in 45% water, oil and other additives. Wild Planet Tuna has no additives or preservatives, and a whopping 3,350 mg of omega 3. And because bigger fish bio-accumulate higher mercury levels, Wild Planet—who is considered a Best Choice for Sustainability by various environmental groups— opts for smaller tuna with an average mercury level of only .17ppm, less than half the .391 ppm average for most brands. I could honestly go on and on about how awesome all of the Wild Planet products are, not just their tuna, but I think you get my point. I researched this quite thoroughly, and I encourage you to do the same.

Here is another reason I trust Wild Planet Foods - they offer their sustainably caught products in BPA-free cans, re-sealable glass jars (for those who’d like to opt out of the use of the can) and in flexible, lightweight single serve pouches with no added water or oil to drain! 

We also love their other products, such as Alaskan salmon, anchovies, shrimp, and sardines. Before you turn up your nose like I used to at the mention of sardines, check out one of my favorite recipes for sardines - Sardine and Avocado Snackers. I personally think all of the Wild Planet products taste fantastic! They are jam-packed with so much flavor and goodness, I cannot help myself from eating one of their varieties every single day at lunch. It is the perfect midday meal paired with veggies.
I hope I cleared up some fishy thoughts that you might have had about fish today. Please let me know your thoughts and questions. Share your favorite fish recipes too!

We are going to celebrate seafood with an awesome giveaway today! We are giving away (1) Sample Pack of Wild Planet products for (1) lucky winner! Enter below for your chance!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Environmental Services For Greener Living

This is a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.

We are going to talk green and natural living today with a topic you may not have given much thought to before...

The world in which we live has become a non-renewable resource. We see trails of dark smoke floating into the air as we drive by manufacturing plants and we continue driving, unaware of what we are even looking at. This is gaining serious attention from industries, consumers and the world population in general. Combustion Controls Solutions & Environmental Services, Inc., is a company that is not looking in the other direction. Instead, they have become a leader in the environmental industry by providing technology that can alleviate the hazardous pollution, providing clean air in its place. Hooray!

CCS and ES uses only the most innovative technology possible to meet and exceed the world's growing desire for a cleaner environment. CCS and ES combines advanced pollution control technology with the highest standards to create the finest products available. Chemical plants are necessary, but clean, environmental friendly waste management is also necessary. CCS and ES understands this problem and, using the most current technology, the finest, expert analyses and common good business sense, is able to provide solutions to your hazardous waste management problems.

Using a piece of equipment referred to as a thermal oxidizer, chemical plants are able to decompose the chemicals in hazardous gases using extremely high temperatures and release safe chemicals, CO2 and H2O, into the atmosphere. There are several types of thermal oxidizers, as well as other peripheral pieces of equipment, available to complete this process. A careful analysis from one of the expert technicians from CCS and ES can carefully assess and explain your current needs and work with you as a partner to provide the finest equipment, service and long-term service solutions for your individual needs. 

There are a variety of thermal oxidizers available, each specific to the needs of an individual hazardous chemical plant. They are used to destroy hazardous air pollutants and volatile organic compounds from the air streams that we see floating through the sky. Combustion Controls Solutions and Environmental Services has teamed with the finest engineers and environmentalists in the country to develop and make available a broad range of equipment and services. 

Some of the various types of thermal oxidizers include the regenerative thermal oxidizer, one of the most widely used units because it is able to meet the needs of most hazardous chemical plants; the ventilation air methane thermal oxidizer, used to chemically destroy methane so the air is safe to breathe for underground coal miners; regenerative catalytic oxidizers, which allow the same process to occur at lower temperatures, resulting in more affordable processing costs; a recuperative thermal oxidizer, which uses a process within the system itself to produce clean air – the primary heat source heats the incoming dirty air, exchanging it for clean exiting air back into another part of the plant, into another part of the process; and a direct-fired thermal oxidizer – known to be the simplest of the thermal oxidation technologies, this oxidizer simply uses a burner to destroy the organic compounds that are hazardous in the air and produce clean air. 

CCS and ES has developed a global reputation of excellence in the market of hazardous chemical removal that is unsurpassed. They are able to offer the exact equipment that will meet or exceed industry standards, but they will also offer the services to back up the equipment once it is in use. They understand the many dangers involved in hazardous chemical removal and they are easily able to conduct safety assessments and solutions on a regular basis, insuring that your company, your employees, your community and your reputation are safe. The reality of the need to reduce volatile organic compounds in the air as well as hazardous air pollutants is the foundation on which this company is built. You can rest assured that you are working with the finest company in the industry, a company that will lead you and support you as a partner in the business of providing necessary chemicals safely.

It is great to know that there are companies and products out there that can help us fight pollution! We can make a difference!

Friday, September 5, 2014

New Fall Books For Your Children

Fall is almost here! That means a new line of books from my favorite children's book publisher, Dawn Publications. While my son is going off to first grade, I get to spend my days with my daughters at home. One of their favorite things to do is read, which is why we are so excited to share with you two of our new favorites!

The Dandelion Seed's Big Dream by Joseph Anthony is such a beautiful book. Not only are the illustrations so detailed and intricate, but the story of the dandelion seed is full of the beautiful themes of courage, patience, and perseverance. We always love that the stories from Dawn Pub offer great information and activities in the back of the story to enhance learning!

Consider the dandelion. It lives life fully, flies with beauty, survives storms, endures darkness, never gives up. It is one of nature’s greatest success stories. Like dandelions, each of us can make the world a brighter place. The trick is to bloom right where we are.

The Prairie that Nature Built by Marybeth Lorbiecki is another fantastic choice! Nature is full of so many miracles and things to discover, and this book helps tell the story of the beautiful prairie habitat. Whether you live in the city or country, your child will love learning about how prairies grow and flourish. In the back of the book you and your children will have fun learning more. I am always amazed at how much I learn along with my children.

A wild prairie is a lively place in this rhythmic romp with munchers and crunchers above and below the grasses so thick, and fires that flare, and rains that quench—and always the prairie grows green.

Enjoy the precious time spent reading and learning with your children this fall season!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

InstantVeg Spiral Slicer Review and Giveaway

How many of you have seen those awesome recipes for zucchini noodles? I have made them before and they are delicious, but for me, they were a lot of work! I sat there, peeling strips of zucchini with a regular vegetable peeler for a long time. And I wont even mention the mess...

Not anymore! I finally got a tool that I think we all need in our kitchens - a spiral slicer!

My Brieftons InstantVeg Spiral Slicer cuts down on wasted time, energy, and frustration for me in my cooking. What can this awesome tool all do? Here are a few ideas:
  • make gluten-free, paleo noodles out of veggies like sweet potatoes and zucchini
  • make super cool spiral slices of fruit to top your salad
  • make potato nests or curly fries
  • make apple or pear chips
  • make onion rings
If you have been struggling with a cooking rut or just with adding more veggies to your diet, this is a super easy, fun way to get more veggies and fruit into everyday dishes. It has 4 cutting widths, so you can make noodle-like strands or bigger strips. It is also very safe and creates less mess by catching the sliced foods in the base container. Genius!

Plus, it is BPA free, easy to clean and dishwasher safe, and you can even store the cut up veggies in the handy dandy container if you are prepping ahead of time.

Here are some quick tips to get the best results when using the Brieftons InstantVeg Spiral Slicer:
- Produce selection is important for the InstantVeg to work correctly. Choose thick, firm and straight vegetables.
-For best results, place the spiral slicer on an even, flat surface while using it.
-Place the vegetable straight in the middle of the vegetable holder, making sure it does not lean heavily toward any particular side.
-Apply constant pressure to the handle, while rotating. This will ensure the item being spiralized will come in contact with the blade.

So far, I have only used the InstantVeg to make curly fries, and boy, were they a hit!

 As you can see, it is really quite easy to do - so easy, in fact, my husband could pull it off with no problems!

The InstantVeg is such an awesome kitchen tool - one you will love having in your kitchen!

*The InstantVeg now comes with a new Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. They believe in this product and stand behind its quality 100%, hence this new guarantee.

We are giving away (1) InstantVeg to (1) super lucky winner! Enter to win below.

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    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.