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About Us - Cara and Cathy

We are two friends on a mission. Our mission - help you on your journey to better health and more natural living, so you can live your best life! We write articles on nutrition, fitness, and everything having to do with healthy living. We also love to review products and share with our readers fabulous products that are organic or as natural as they can be.

Cara, head blogger here at Your World: Healthy and Natural, is a mother of four beautiful children, wife, fitness instructor, certified personal trainer and Shaklee nutrition consultant. She has a degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis on Physical Education. Since her first child was born, she has fed her passion for healthy living by learning even more about nutrition, fitness, natural personal care products, and ways to keep our homes and families safe and healthy. She feels it is a real blessing in her life to share what she knows with others. It gives her the greatest joy to impact other people's lives in a positive and wonderful way!

Cathy has been a reader of this wonderful blog for several years now. She is a wife and mother of 3 boys. Her life is all about finding balance and happiness, despite the challenges. She also has had the absolutely wonderful privilege of living close by to Cara, allowing them to work out together and share their struggles and triumphs.  She met Cara several years ago while strolling for treasures at Cara's garage sale.  Little did Cathy know that she was at one of her lowest health (physical and mental) points in her entire life.  Over the past years, Cara has convinced her that people who are conscious of eating and living natural and healthy are not “crunchy granola freaks”.  Cara's love and care, and what Cathy calls overall AWESOMENESS convinced Cathy that she is worthy of being healthy and natural.  Cathy says, " She actually brought me to tears when she asked me to start contributing to her blog….Who, Me?  In an organic nutshell, I’m a: health-knowledge-challenged, overweight now, but once skinny-ex-smoker-wannaberunner -on-the-verge-of-forty-trying to figure out God’s plan for me-living in a small town-raising three boys to be men, which by the way one has  Autism.  But we all have something, eh?  Hopefully, I can share with you some of my struggles and triumphs from my perspective of living Healthy and Natural."
If you have any comments or questions, please contact us at cara dot Thanks for stopping by!