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Thursday, April 2, 2015

What Do You Eat Before/After a Workout?

I did receive some of these products for free to try out. I am also a Shaklee independent distributor. No other compensation was given. All opinions are 100% my own.

I get asked this question a lot. What should I eat before or after a workout?

While I have addressed what to eat after a workout, I want to give you a few more options to choose from and talk about what I eat before a workout too.

What I Eat Before a Workout

  • I always, always have a green/energizing tea drink about 1/2 hour before. It helps keep me hydrated and keeps me going strong through all the classes I teach. My favorite is a mix of Energizing Tea and Pines Mighty Greens Superfood Blend. It gives me the energy I need with a boost of green, white and red teas, with the green power of wheatgrass, alfalfa and hemp. It tastes good, and it feels great - without the sugar in most energizing drinks. 
  • If you have not eaten a meal in over 3 hours and are about to get in a hard-core workout, you might want to eat something about an hour or so before your workout with some protein and carbs. I like to eat a hard-boiled egg, a banana with some sunflower seed butter or a ZEGO bar. I love the ZEGO bar, in particular, because it is a seed-based bar that is GMO free, 100% organic, and no artificial junk. If I were going to make homemade energy bars, they would be very similar to these bars! They are great!

How about after your workout? What do you need to refuel your body and help repair and strengthen your muscles? I personally like to get my carbs and protein in an easy post-workout shake. (To know exactly what amounts of carbs and protein to get, check out this post) The shakes I recommend and use myself are Shaklee 180 or Shaklee Physique, to help you get the most out of your workout. These two Shaklee shakes are the best quality, most effective shakes I have found. You want to thoroughly research your shakes to find ones without nasty chemicals, preservatives and other harmful ingredients, because there is a LOT of junk out there!
Let me tell you a little secret: if you like to eat a treat or two every day, the best time to do this is after your workout. Your metabolism is all revved up, and you are burning more calories. My newest post-workout treats are these yummy Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt bars. These better-for-you treats are packed with flavor and protein, allowing you to have your cake, or frozen Greek yogurt, and eat it too. My favorite is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. With creamy vanilla Greek yogurt loaded with decadent cookie dough pieces and chocolate chips, this new flavor, coming in at only 100 calories and 5 grams of protein is something you can look forward to after your workout.  
Some more good options to get your carbs and protein after a workout are sweet potatoes, bananas, and eggs.
What do you eat before/after your workout?


  1. The Energizing Tea Drink sounds wonderful. I would also like the Yasso Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I have tried Yasso and I love it, but I have not seen that flavor yet.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

    1. The tea is awesome and tastes great too!


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