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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Top Five Tips for Puerto Rico!

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About two weeks ago, my husband and I returned from a fabulous trip to Puerto Rico. We left the three little munchkins behind with their grandparents, and we set out to have a rejuvenating vacation as a couple. 

Despite missing our flight and not getting to Puerto Rico until the next day, we had an awesome trip! We hiked the El Yunque Rainforest. We swam in the ocean. We learned how to surf in Rincon. We met some lovely people. We visited fortresses and forts from the 1500's. We relaxed on secluded beaches, and we enjoyed some of the most beautiful sunsets ever! If you love to travel, you MUST put Puerto Rico on your list of destinations to see.

Here are a few of my top tips to enjoy your vacation in Puerto Rico without spending your life savings!

1. My first tip is to rent a car and explore the island. This is one of the most amazing, beautiful islands we have visited. It is full of rich history, culture, and beauty. There are gorgeous mountains to hike, beautiful beaches everywhere, and you will want to see it all!

2. That being said, tip number two is to get a good map. Everything is in Spanish, and the road signs are not clear. Our most stressful times on this trip were driving. Once we got a more detailed map, things went a little more smoothly. 
3. My next tip is to visit El Yunque Rainforest. It is just breathtaking. From the easy hikes to the waterfalls right off the road to the secluded spots you can find if you hike long enough, you will be awed by its beauty. We hiked from mid morning until late afternoon for two days. We hiked on easy trails to amazing waterfalls, and we hiked on challenging trails to get all the way to the peak of the rainforest. If you are going to do one of the longer hikes, like the one to the peak, make sure you go to the bathroom first (no bathrooms) and bring lots of water and healthy snacks. The hike we did took us about 5 hours going at a very quick pace. That is why I packed us each a bunch of great snacks, including Skout Trailbars and Taste of Nature Bars. Both of these delicious bars are 100% organic, Non-GMO verified, gluten free, and full of healthy energy. 
Both brands of bars are simply delicious and will fuel all your activities! Trust me, you'll love these!

4. Bring something to filter your water. If you don't bring a water filter of some type, you will be buying bottled water throughout your whole trip. Trust me, paying $3.00 for a bottle of water at a restaurant is not cool. That adds up fast when you are really thirsty.

5. Step out of your comfort zone. There are some really awesome things to experience in Puerto Rico when you step out of your comfort zone. Whether that is eating the local cuisine, like Mofongo - a fried plantain dish, driving off the beaten path to find a secluded beach, talking it up with the locals, or challenging yourself to learn how to surf or paddle board. Learning how to surf is on my list of goals for my life, so I did it! Rincon is known for its awesome surfing, so we planned three days there to surf, swim and relax on the gorgeous beaches. Boy, was it amazing! I was pretty nervous when I was actually paddling out to try my first wave, but it was awesome! My husband and I surfed two hours with an instructor, and every second of that was a memory.
A few other reminders for visiting Puerto Rico: bring safe sunscreen, watch out for toll roads, add extra time if you are driving through busy cities like San Juan, find a coconut and eat it, look for pretty sea glass and seashells, stay at small B&B's instead of large chain hotels, and don't stress about the little stuff!

Have a blast and enjoy yourself!


  1. Puerto Rico does seem like a lovely place to visit. It would be nice to get away with my husband especially after this cold winter. So glad you enjoyed the trip.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

    1. Thanks! It was one of our favorite places to visit. Best of ocean and rainforest!


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