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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Top 12 Tips for Staying Healthy Through Flu Season

No one needs to panic. Our body has its own defenses against viruses or bacteria.

Here are my top tips for fighting sickness this flu season and all year round. These tips have been used successfully for years to protect and defend our body fortress and help us avoid getting colds and flu. Living defensively is the KEY to staying well.

1. Adequate sleep. 8-9 hours for adults is best. The body regenerates and heals during sleep. A good old-fashioned nap is good for everyone. Sleep before 10PM is a deeper, more restful sleep for most individuals. Children’s bedtime should be no later than 8-9PM. They do their growing during sleep and need more sleep than adults.

2. Routine. Yes, routine. Don’t underestimate the value of routine. Constant change and disruption creates stress, and stress weakens our immune system. Regular times for meals, bedtimes, bath time, etc., create structure that helps create a peaceful home. Children thrive on the security that healthy, loving routines provide.

3. Plenty of healthy foods, especially fresh fruits and veggies. Cut up fruits and veggies for snacks. During flu season especially, make pots of homemade vegetable or chicken soup with plenty of garlic (nature’s antibiotic), and organic chicken/beef stock if possible.

4. Plenty of pure water. It’’s easy to become dehydrated in the winter time. Water keeps the toxins flushed out of our systems. We need ½ ounce for every pound of body weight. If you weigh 150 pounds, you need A MINIMUM of 75 oz of water a day (9½ 8 oz glasses). More is better. Children need more water and less juice. The #1 cause of daytime fatigue and fuzzy thinking is dehydration. Our immune systems require us to be well-hydrated. Tap water is not clean and tastes bad, but bottled water is expensive and can leach chemicals into water. Find a water purifier that does at good job for 18-32 cents a gallon. Shaklee Get Clean Water products are the perfect option. Or you may want to think about getting a reverse osmosis system. Yes, it is a little pricey up front, but it is an investment in your health.

5. Fresh air. The EPA says the air in our homes is worse than the air outside. Look for a purifier that decreases significantly all the known pollutants, and does it in a way that is economical (figure cost per sq. foot, and upkeep costs).

6. Regular Exercise is important, but don’t overdo it if you’re feeling under the weather. Too much exercise can sometimes cause stress on the body and further deplete the immune system. To recover, eat adequate protein and quality food and get rest. Check out these workouts for quick, 20-minute full body, fat-burning exercises.

7. Regular Hand Washing is important to minimize transferring germs. Keep hands away from the eyes. Wash hands before putting ANYTHING in the mouth and after blowing the nose.

8. Supplement with pure whole food concentrates. Even the best diet has gaps. Despite our organic, healthy lifestyle, I know we still need to supplement wisely. My own family’s daily choices consist of Shaklee Vitalizer, Vitamin C, and Nutriferon to keep the immune system strong. Our Shaklee Herbal Medicine cabinet contains Defend and Resist (Echinacea and more), Garlic, Herb-lax, Alfalfa, and Optiflora probiotics(Acidophilus/Bifidus) to sustain the immune system during attack. Remember, prevention is key!

9. Keep your bloodstream more alkaline. Disease thrives in an acid blood stream, and many foods raise the acid level. Check out this pin on alkaline/acid foods and try to add more alkaline foods into your diet. Alfalfa helps make the blood stream more alkaline, has detoxifying properties, and fights many illnesses this way. i make sure to take my alfalfa every day!

10. De-stress your lifestyle. It’’s OK to accomplish less!!! Prioritize. What’s really important? Do you think your family is doing way too much? It’s really OK to say NO! It also helps our health to avoid violence--on TV, in video games, etc. Even the “nightly news” is often too much of an assault on a healthy spirit. Do we really need to know every bad thing that happened today? Regular supplements like extra Vita C, B Complex, and Stress Relief Complex are great natural supports if you’re under a lot of stress.

11. Take more time for beauty, for quiet, and for music. Simplify your life. Get and give a massage at home or find a professional--there are relaxation points on the bottoms of the feet and the palms of your hands. Meditate/pray, take a nice long bath, go for a relaxing walk, do nothing/putter, do your hobby, etc. Literally count your blessings.

12. Surround yourself and your family with people you love. Do some kindness every day.

You may have some ideas that I haven’t mentioned, and I’d love to hear them. There is SO much that we can do to protect our family during this “flu season” and all year long.

To Your Health!

Disclosure: Cara is a distributor/customer of Shaklee and some of the links in this post head directly to her personal website. Any products you buy benefit her in a small way.


  1. This is wonderful, common-sense advice! I'm going to print this out and put it on my refrigerator as a daily reminder. And funny that you should mention chicken soup! We just had home-made chicken noodle soup with fresh veggies for dinner tonight. Real comfort food!

  2. P.S. You mentioned "Stress Relief Complex". Could you say more specifically what this is, or recommend a brand? I'm looking for a good supplement to help with stress.

  3. Hi Nell,
    More about stress relief...Don't we all want that? :-) The brand I recommend is Shaklee Stress Relief Complex. You can find and order it here:

    It uses all natural products to help calm your mind and body, promote alertness and blunt icky cortisol, which leads to belly fat. It has been shown to work in about 30 minutes, and all my clients who use it love it!

  4. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question!

  5. Thanks for the advice. I will make sure to save this page as I get sick so easily!


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