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Monday, March 11, 2013

Take Charge of Eating Tip #12

Today, we are taking a look at dairy. For some people, they can't handle the thought that dairy may not be as healthy for them as they have always believed. But, for many people, dairy can have an adverse reaction on their good health. Let's just consider today's tip and perhaps you will want to experiment with dairy to see how it affects your health.

#12 - Some of us are sensitive to dairy products without realizing it. We may develop symptoms like headaches, skin eruptions, and digestive disorders without realizing the connection. Calcium comes in other healthy alternatives such as greens (broccoli, kale, collards), beans, nuts, and seeds. 

I personally have cut out dairy from my diet, for the most part. I feel better without it, and that is just my personal choice. Instead, I eat plenty of the calcium rich foods listed above and I take a great calcium/magnesium supplement that helps keep my bones strong and healthy!

(If you missed my post about why or how we are doing this Take Charge of Eating challenge, check it out before you join us)


  1. Hmmm...I totally agree that we should cut diary into our diet for there are times that we are not aware of the risks it brings to our health. I decided to stop taking dairy products too since I want to lose weight. They say it helps in losing weight.

    1. Have you lost weight since taking dairy out? Just curious...

  2. I have often wondered about my body and dairy too.... Thanks for sharing!


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