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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It Works! Review

I don't think I can remember a time where I wasn't looking for a way to lose weight.  A few years ago, I finally stopped. I was led down a path of simple good healthy eating, and working out hard.  I've been feeling great!  I've been working even harder lately on my quest for a trimmer waist and firmer thighs.....OK...I REALLY want to  get the weight off for good...all of it.  It's mid-February, and while I am absolutely committed to good health...UGGG...this is taking all of my patience! 

I really, really, really could use a pick-me-up right now.  I was thinking sunshine, but I don't think that is every going to happen here.  HOWEVER, last week I received something in the mail that surprised me as much as seeing the sun in Michigan - It Works! Body Wraps

You need to know, I did agree to review It Works!, but I am HIGHLY skeptical.  Truth be told, I was already dreading writing a negative review.  I really thought that the product wouldn't work for me, because I just don't have that luck. 

After showering, and drying off thoroughly last Saturday, I got ready to test the wrap.  First, and this is really important-I measured my abdomen 3 times.  I wanted the tension to be precise, and the spot to be accurate.  Then, I applied the wrap, which covered my entire front and then some, and smoothed it out, just as instructed.  After that, I applied a layer of plastic wrap tightly around the wrap to hold it in place.   Then, just to be give a little extra, I put on some really tight spandex undies.   I grabbed a big glass of water, and set the timer for 45 minutes. 

I thought I would get itchy, but, I didn't!  I felt fine just sitting there, watching a little TV and relaxing (still thinking about it couldn't possibly work for me).  I was completely enjoying the scent too.  The time went by quickly, and I was ready to see the results.   As I peeled off and unwrapped, I remember for a flash, thinking, "what if all of my stretchmarks were gone?"   That didn't happen, but what did happen actually made my day brighter-I measured, measured, and re-measured, and I actually lost a half an inch!  WHAT?  FOR REAL?  Yes, for real. Ok, I am still skeptical, so I waited....3 days.  I measured myself every day for 3 days, and that half inch is gone.   On top of that, I do feel a little more smooth and toned.

I will never stop working out and eating healthy....there is nothing that makes me feel better.  But, last week, I got just a little pick me up from a surprising source.  If you want to hear more about It Works! and do your own investigation as to whether this is right for you, you can go to!

*Cathy was given this product to review, with no obligation to write a positive review.  Her opinions are her own.


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