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Monday, February 25, 2013

Take Charge of Eating Tip #1

Ready to revolutionize the way you think about food? (If you missed my post about why or how we are going to do this, check it out before you join us)

Here is our first tip to help us get on the right track with food.

1. Look at your body and appreciate your physical uniqueness. Relax and be as you are, without trying to hide or wish away parts of yourself. God has lovingly made you. Marvel at the creation you are!

And if you are wondering what this has to do with food, it is about appreciating your body and feeding it only the best. Change from abusing your body because you don't truly appreciate it to fueling your body with the best because you believe that your body really is precious.


  1. So very true. It is so easy to eat what in the short term tastes good, but in the long term does our bodies little good. I appreciate the information you keep giving us about healthier foods and ways of living.

  2. Wonderful resource. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. This is definitely a good tip to start with--it's not easy though! I am always beating myself up over how my body looks. I will work on it!

    1. I understand how hard it is to appreciate your own body, flaws and all. But, it is not worth it to criticize yourself. Keep working on it. Find something every day that you like or appreciate!


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