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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Are You Over-stressed?

Have any of you heard of Jason Russell? Honestly, I hadn't heard of him until I watched Oprah's interview with him last weekend. He is the creator of the viral video Kony 2012 and co-founder of Invisible Children, which is, in my opinion, a really great organization trying to end Joseph Kony and the LRA's violence and abduction of children and citizens in East and Central Africa.  After Jason's video Kony 2012 hit it big on YouTube, he was overwhelmed with media attention and stress as he felt the responsibility to fix the problems he had become so passionate about. 

Unfortunately, the enormity of the situation and the stress Jason was enduring finally exploded in a public breakdown he suffered nearly six months ago.  It was so sad for me to hear Jason's tragic story as he described how the mental "snap" happened. His body was over-taxed and over-stressed. Your mind can only handle so much until it has a breakdown. Too often, we think being stressed out is normal and maybe in a weird way - healthy. The truth is - stress is extremely harmful to the health and well-being of our bodies and minds. 

You may think that you are only a little stressed or that you can handle it, but I am sure that was what Jason was feeling too. The truth is, over-stressing your body is a dangerous game that can end with you feeling out of control and needing help.

Jason has now finally emerged from treatment for the public breakdown he suffered nearly six months ago. It took him months to get back to feeling like himself again and recovering. Thankfully, there are mental health facilities out there like the one Jason recovered in to help those who need it get back on their feet and feel like themselves again. 

Take a moment and think about yourself. Are you taking time every day to relax and decompress? Are you able to sleep soundly at night? Do you find yourself not acting like yourself because you feel so frazzled? Maybe now is the time to take these cues seriously and make sure you don't hit that breaking point yourself. enjoy every moment of your day!

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