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Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Middle Child's Birth Story

Thank you to Cathy, my co-blogger, for sharing her second child's birth story! Beautiful and hilarious!

I have 3 baby stories....but I want to share the story of my middle child.   It seems like the middle child gets pushed aside....I wonder why that is?  

After my first son, I was pregnant right away with my second.   I pretty much felt that because I went 20 days early with my first, my second would follow the same lead.   Ummmm, not so much. 

When I was pregnant with my second, we were in the process of buying our first home.  We were both busy with jobs, and juggling finances.   I don't remember much about being pregnant, because it was an easy, uneventful pregnancy.  

I was hoping to have him on Mother's Day.  My due date was the day before.  I remember the Rosie O'Donnell Show was offering free Kodak cameras for anyone who gave birth on that day.  Sunday came and went.   I didn't understand....I was late....I am never, ever late for anything.  

As the weather warmed, my patience was tried.   My husband got me out of the house to buy flowers.   I struggled to bend over to plant them, and I remember my fingers in pain trying just to grip the shovel.   So, I went inside to lay down.    My husband found me crying in the bed.   He, of course, asked what was wrong.    My answer:  "I AM SO SICK OF BEING PREGNANT!!!"    I didn't stop there.   I got out of the bed, and proceeded to have a tantrum....a real, honest, put all the two year olds to shame, TANTRUM.   I screamed, I hit the door, I had a red face, runny nose, and then, I proceeded to jump up and down.  And water broke.   OOPS!  

Off to the hospital I went.  I, of course, was giddy.   It was almost over.   The birth itself didn't take long at all...maybe 6 hours or so.  I do remember VH-1 running a story on Meatloaf, and to this day, think of my sweet middle child every time I hear one of his songs.  

I swear, he came out smiling.   He was so alert, looking around, calm, attentive.   At that point, I thought that good things do come to those who wait.   My middle is now 14.  He is still the same calm, laid back, smiling kid......and just a little late getting to where he needs to be.


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