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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Applegate Organic Hot Dogs

Summer = grilling for a lot of families. Our family is a bit different, since we really only eat meat about once a week or so. But, we do like to grill along with everyone else. We just choose to cook organic, grass fed meats and try not to burn them at all, so we don't get extra chemicals in our bodies. Still tastes just as good...

Applegate is one company that is making a difference with their meats. If you love hot dogs, their Super Natural Hot Dogs are made with just beef, water, sea salt and spices and without any of the junk found in conventional hot dogs. All of Applegate products are produced from animals that were never administered antibiotics or hormones – although labeling standards allow the other guys to label meats made from animals administered antibiotics as “natural.” Applegate hot dogs also have half the calories and fat of most conventional hot dogs and less sodium. Sound fantastic? It is!

They want to spread the word about the difference between real, high quality hot dogs and the junky kind many Americans are eating. They just launched this new Facebook site,, where you can laugh your head off at their hilarious videos and learn more about what you may be buying in your grilling meats this summer. You have got to check this out! It is too funny and too informational to miss! Make sure you share it with friends too!

I have never been a fan of hot dogs. I think I always had a feeling that the ones my mom offered me were just a bunch of fake icky chemicals and crappy meat, and I was always grossed out by them. My husband is still a fan of them, and he loved Applegate's Super Natural Uncured Beef Hot Dogs.
nat beef hot dogs
These hot dogs stand far above others when you compare them. NO nitrates, antibiotics, hormones, lower sodium, and less calories and fat. Plus, their cows are humanely raised, and my husband can taste the difference. This is real meat and no chemicals. I can't help give a thumbs up for making such a difference in the hot dog department! Thanks, Applegate!

If you want to go pick some of these up for your next barbecue, find a store near you or purchase them right off the website. Switching out your hot dogs may not sound like a big deal, but it is for the cows, for the environment and for your family's health! Make a difference!

*Cara was provided product to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed are 100% her own.*


  1. Every once in a while I'll think a hot dog sounds good. Glad to hear there's a healthier alternative.

  2. We will have to try these. I love hot dogs and always feel a bit guilty eating them because of all the ingredients. These sound like the perfect alternative.


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