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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Eating Healthy For Less!

I have heard numerous times, "I can't afford to eat healthy. I can't afford organic." I bet you can! If you shop wisely, you can eat healthier than you ever have before and decrease your grocery bill at the same time. Nutritious eating doesn't need to be expensive.

Here's how to save on....

Meat - We love canned Alaskan Salmon in our house. It is so versatile. I can use it in wraps, pasta salads, on bread, and so much more. Yes, I am not a fan of the can part, because of the dangers of BPA, but this is one are, I still use cans. Canned salmon is less expensive than if you buy fresh, but still jam-packed with great nutrients!

Another idea for meat is cut down on how much meat you eat. We eat meat maybe once a week. I am not saying you have to go that far, but you will save yourself A LOT of money if you cut back.

Try reducing the amount of meat you eat and replacing it with veggies and/or beans. I love to substitute mushrooms or beans for meat in my favorite recipes. These are both quite inexpensive and very healthy!

Fruit and Veggies - Fresh fruit and veggies can be expensive if you don't shop smart. When you are buying fresh produce, always buy what is in season. That will save you money. Look for sales, and don't rule out organic, because you think it is too expensive. Sometimes, organic produce is the same price as conventional, only it is much safer!!

Junk Food -  By choosing healthy whole foods, you will automatically be spending less than before due to the absence of junk food. I am amazed by home much I save when I only have fresh food in my cart. You may think $2.50 for a bag of chips is a better deal than a few oranges for the same price, but think again. Those chips are empty calories and will not benefit your health in any way. Too much junk food will have you paying for it with your health later.

Healthy eating on a budget is very possible and actually quite easy. Shop for sales. Shop for whole foods in season. Cut back on expensive items and make them more of a treat.

Have fun shopping in a healthy way!

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  1. One of the most astonishing lessons that my husband and I have learned, is that we eat more if the food doesn't taste very good. It's almost as if we keep eating because our taste buds aren't satisfied. Believe it or not, we save money by buying quality ingredients, and naturally eat less. It's weird, but true for us. =)

  2. I can be a careful shopper, but my husband has been doing more of the shopping lately. I've seen our bill go up. He goes for the more expensive items. When he buys meat, he is more likely to go for the steak rather than the hamburger. I need to take the shopping cart back.


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