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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Don't Let Medical Bills Overwhelm You

Remember when I told you my son had to have emergency hernia surgery on an inguinal hernia a couple months ago...As scary as that was, I was thankful that everything got taken care of, and he is all healed up. However, the headache has continued.

Now the medical bills are starting to come through, and I understand how people can feel overwhelmed from opening bill after bill after bill. Thankfully, we do have health insurance. Otherwise, it would have been even more of a nightmare. Our bill without insurance was $11,000! Yikes!

If you are without insurance, I really recommend looking into it - even a low cost plan is better than nothing, in my opinion. You can get quotes here, and that is always the first place to start. You just never know when something unexpected will happen. A trip to Mayo Clinic? An unexpected diagnosis? Who would have thought my 3 year old son would have an inguinal hernia? Certainly not me!

*Cara was sponsored for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% her own.*


  1. You are so right about health insurance. It is necessary but for many just more than they can afford. Our daughters both has surgery similar to your son's. Our 2 1/2 year old popped one and before she could have surgery, our 1 year old did the dame thing. They both had surgery the same day and while they were in, they fixed both sides on the 1 year old. My husband was in the military and the surgeries were done at the base hospital, so cost was minimal. We were very lucky.

  2. I cannot believe you went through double what I did! Yikes! That must have been so nerve-wrecking. But, it is a great thing that the cost was kept down.


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