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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day Event: Aurorae Yoga Mat Review

I bet you are wondering, "What does a yoga mat have to do with an Earth Day Event?"

Let me explain. Did you know that many yoga mats contain nasty phthalates chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin and inhaled through fumes? The worst part is that studies have shown that phthalates can damage the liver, the kidneys, the lungs and the reproductive system, especially the developing testes. Yikes!! Here you are exercising, doing yoga, thinking you are doing good for your body, and you may be getting these nasty chemicals in your body, because phthalates are found in many yoga and exercise mats! 

Aurorae Yoga knows this and that is why you won't find these nasty chemicals in their Northern Lights Yoga Mat, which is my new favorite yoga mat! Besides being phthalate free, this mat is made of Eco Safe Biodegradable material and has been approved by the world's largest testing agency. No icky smells, eco-friendly materials, and a gorgeous design - what is not to love?

I love how my new Aurorae Northern Lights Yoga Mat reminds me of the sunrise or sunset. They have this beautiful picture of the golden sun as a focal point on the mat. It is beautiful and calming, and really sets the tone for a great yoga workout. This mat is not one of those cheap mats that you find at your nearest retailer for $5 that starts crumpling apart within a week of use. This is a durable, high-quality mat that will energize and assist you in your workouts.

Aurorae offers yoga mats in illuminating colors, a focal point icon and extra long in length. Aurorae offers the best reviewed yoga mats, accessories & props online. You can browse their yoga mats, yoga bags, yoga accessories and yoga props here.

Check out all their different eco-friendly yoga products and support a small business that has heart and soul!

*Cara was provided product to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed are 100% her own.*

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  1. I wish I had seen these before I got my yoga mat. When it is time to get a new one or any other equipment, i'll check Aurorae first.


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