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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back To School Flu Season Prevention

Whether we like it or not, flu season is coming...I firmly believe that the key to keeping you and your family healthy through flu season and all winter long is flu prevention! I have two small children age 3 and 9 months, and thankfully, they have never even needed to go to the doctor for any sickness ever! Not only has it saved our family a lot of money, but it has saved me the stress and worry that you feel when your child gets sick. I think the main reason that we have such a healthy family is that we feed our bodies the nutrients and vitamins that they need to thrive and heal themselves.

This all starts with a good multivitamin. For children, I recommend Shakleekids or Shakleebaby powder- To give good nutritional foundation to the brain and nervous system and to the whole child, a good program should always begin with a good multi-vitamin/mineral…and this is the best. For adults, I recommend the Vita-Lea mulitivitamin or Vitalizer.

We also add in a Vita-C tablet for each of us all fall and winter long. There is a Vita-C Chewable or Sustained Release, as soon as they can swallow. These are essential for a healthy immune system. Love, love, love Vitamin C!

For anyone that has ever been on antibiotic, Optiflora probiotic is essential! It restores essential flora in intestines where 80% of the immune system resides. It also helps keep candida yeast in check. It is super easy to swallow, since it is the size of a pearl. What makes it different is that this is an encapsulated probiotic, so it is protected from stomach acids.
NutriFeron is so unique and so awesome in flu prevention and asthma and allergy relief!  Yet another recent clinical study from Cornell Medical School proves its effectiveness against flu viruse. It stimulates your body to produce interferon, critical to triggering immune response to germs and possibly cancer cells, according to Dr Sandra Bevacqua. Love it!

If you are starting to feel a cold come on, I highly suggest using Defend & Resist Complex right away! It contains Echinacea plus zince and herbs that increase activity of white bloods cells to gobble up viruses and bacteria. It works best when taken at onset of a virus or cold. We use anywhere from 2 to 6 a day, depending on the age of the family member starting a runny nose or tickling throat. They can also be sucked on like a lozenge or made into a tea.
What else can you do to prevent sickness this flu season? Follow these healthy habits:

-10 hours of sleep for children; 9 for teens; 8 for adults
-Plan meals to incorporate 6 to 9 vegetables a day (tuck them into soups, spaghetti sauce, chili, casseroles & of course, salads) like celery, broccoli, zucchini, green beans, carrots
-Avoid SUGAR & baked goods – I know this is tough – but sugar is seriously damaging to the immune system and especially the brain. Sugar and white flour are called the anti nutrients because they deplete B vitamins & other essential nutrients.

Stay healthy and save yourself a lot of doctor bills this flu season with prevention!

To Your Health!


  1. I've also found a few drops of GSE in orange juice helps me when I start getting sick. A couple glasses later and I'm feeling better. I've tried it in other drinks, but the taste of the GSE is hard to take. OJ and grapefruit juice almost eliminate the taste.

  2. Good to know about these products and tips, including staying away from sugar. Thanks!

  3. we are already sick wish we had the defense resist product in our house

  4. Great post and also one that caught my eye simply because of the products you share, they are the best!

    Having heard the C word 7 years ago I have learned the value of nutrition. Just had to say, congrats for sharing. Health really is what matters most in life.

    Keep it up,

  5. Vitamin D is great for the flu!

  6. This is great advice and the products you mentioned seemed to work. I especially agree with taking probiotics. Children and adults should always take that if you are taking antibiotics. Thanks for a super article.

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