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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Maty's New Health Products

I recently found out that one of my favorite companies, Maty's Healthy Products, has some new products to help keep us all well this flu season. As some of you may recall, last year, I reviewed their all natural baby chest rub and all natural cough syrup. Feel free to read my full Maty's review. I am a big fan of their founder, Carolyn Harrington, and their great products.

I wanted to share an interview I did with Carolyn recently. I think you will see from this interview why I am such a big fan!

Why did you decide to go the natural route?

My daughter was born 15 years ago with severe congenital heart defects and without a spleen.  She had 3 heart surgeries, 2 open heart before age 5.  Although the doctors did a wonderful job for her, there were side effects of the surgeries that were more difficult to deal with.  The alopecia, loss of hair, psoriasis all over her body were conditions the doctors were not able to help with.  I ended up taking her to a naturopathic doctor who gave her an all natural homeopathic remedy that started working immediately and began to see her conditions resolved within a month.  That is when a light bulb went off in my head and I started to research natural ways of getting and staying healthy.  It became my passion and even studied natural healing methods and became certified as a holistic health practitioner.  Once I saw the effectiveness of natural healing, and in such a safe manner, it was hard to do anything else. 

What sets your company and products apart from others that are similar?

The following sets us apart from others like ours…
 1.  The amount of high quality all natural ingredients we have in our products make us very different.  We don't skimp. For instance, our cough syrups are made with antioxidant rich buckwheat honey and 9 other immune boosting ingredients whereas most  of our competitor's cough syrups are made with an unknown or inferior variety of honey.  Several also only put a small amount of honey in proportion to water in their syrups and add sugar.  Our chest rubs are petroleum free, made with coconut oil, castor oil and sunflower oil as their base. Our baby chest rub is menthol free.  To our knowledge, our Breathe Better nasal ointment is the only nasal ointment on the market for nighttime  nasal  support. We have a patent pending on Breathe Better. (So it is evident that each product is well thought out and researched for optimal effectiveness and safety.)

2.  People will recognize our ingredients and know they are safe for their families.  They are not medicines, homeopathics, or herbals.  Therefore, they do not have any known side effects yet are highly effective.

3.  Each product is made in the USA. 4.  With the sale of each product, you are supporting Vitamin Angels which is a charitable organization that helps needy children around the world by providing nutritional supplements to them.            Carolyn HarringtonCofounder, Maty's Healthy Products

So, what are the new products?
The first is Maty's Breathe Better Nasal Ointment. This product was developed to help us all get a better night's sleep and promote a healthy nasal environment. I think this is important because the nose is one of the first ways germs get into our body. It is made from coconut oil, grapefruit seed extract, cayenne pepper, and lemon balm. Each one helps the immune system and supports the work of the nasal passages.

The second new product is the All Natural Vapor Rub. The vapors come from natural sources of 5 essential oils. It contains seven immune boosting ingredients that are safe, but effective. I also love that this rub is free of petroleum. Thank you, Maty's!

Both of these products and Maty's other great products are available now at drug stores near you and also on Amazon and Find a store near you!

*I was provided product to review, and I was under no obligation to review if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.*

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  1. This is an amazing account of how this company got started - no wonder it is obvious the loving care that is in each product! I need to try these!


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