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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mummy Honey Shirt Review

I am a busy, active woman, wife and mom of a toddler. I am also a breastfeeding mom of a 2 month old, and sometimes those things don't all mix well.  It is not the easiest thing to breastfeed in public.  That is why I want to share a great product with all of you that can be so helpful for breastfeeding moms everywhere - Mummy Honey shirts!

Jennifer Spreckley, the creator of Mummy Honey, can relate to many of us breastfeeding moms. She tells how she came up with the idea for Mummy Honey shirts. "I felt the need to design this breastfeeding shirt after feeling uncomfortable at a dinner party with my first child at six weeks old, when she needed to be breastfed. At the dinner party were a number of childless couples and other parents not knowing where to look as I breastfed, at the time she was also covered by a wrap. After that evening I looked at available nursingwear trying to find the perfect top for me, one that did not look like a breastfeeding or maternity top so it could still be worn long after I had finished breastfeeding and having babies, but still meeting my need to breastfeed discreetly."

Boy, was I happy that a mom going through the same things as me took the initiative to create this awesome shirt idea! The Mummy Honey breastfeeding shirt is designed to give moms a chance to look stylish while still giving their baby the best nutrition they possibly can.

These shirts are just genius! There is a zipper hidden in the middle of each pocket placed on both sides of this shirt. When you need to feed your little darling, you just zip it down. The zipper goes down far enough for you to have plenty of room to feed, but it doesn't expose more than you need to. I think it is just the perfect size! Here is a wonderful step by step demonstration of how this shirt works.

I love my long sleeve white Mummy Honey shirt! They also come in other colors and in short sleeves. I love that the shirts are made out of environmentally friendly bamboo and cotton. This makes the shirt nice and soft, which I appreciate, because my daughter's skin is sensitive to rough fabrics. I first wore this shirt to church, and it was easy to zip down and use, but I had a hard time zipping it back up discreetly with one hand. That would be my only criticism.

I love that I can wear this shirt long after I am done breastfeeding. It is such an all-purpose shirt. It is fitting for a night out with your hubby or friends, shopping at the mall, or your child's playgroup.

Check out the whole Mummy Honey collection here. Make your time breastfeeding just that much easier with one of these shirts or recommend it it a friend, because every mom could use a shirt like this to make her breastfeeding experience that much more enjoyable.

* Mummy Honey provided me with product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.*


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