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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One Hot Mamma! Book Review

Today, I want to welcome Cathy Schafer as my guest blogger. She is definitely the hottest mama I know, so I asked her to write a guest review of this awesome book.  Enjoy her review, because I know I did! Thank you very much, Cathy!

Guest blog? Are you serious? When in the world would I have time to read a book and write something about it? Then I saw the title: One Hot Mamma! A mom’s guide to sex, love, and romance. Ok, I get it, you need the opinion of someone who has been married for a while, and who is a mamma! That would be me!

After meeting on a blind date (I know, how romantic!) my husband and I have been happily married for 15 years. We live our life in a quiet little town, where the only entertainment is whatever sport the High School team is playing. In our marriage we have been through the birth of our 3 sons in 4 years, (bed rest for two of them), the purchase of a home, the decision to be a stay home mom, T-ball, Little League, Cub Scouts, and the constant need to purchase new shoes for growth spurts.

Just like the paragraph above, our life together started with the romantic “US” and is now at money for shoes. THAT is exactly what Ann Kluth and Marie Aumann want you to be aware of in their book. We all start as a couple, then life happens, and all of the “US” stuff gets lost. Kluth and Aumann want to guide you back.

The book is a guide written in three sections, Love, Romance, and Sex. Each section is further broken down into easy to read, two-page chapters. Each chapter outlines an idea to inspire you to get back to the “US”. From gift giving to work skipping, each chapter gives examples of what other couples the authors know do to try to put the “hot” back in mamma. At the end of each chapter there is a box of things to try, and talk about. The book was not so much about WHY we need to make more time for each other. Any mamma knows why! It is the HOW that usually feels like “just one more thing I have to do”. This book actually answers the HOW.

So, last night, I fessed up. I told my husband I was going to guest blog about a book. “One Hot Mamma, a mom’s guide to sex, love and romance” The title alone was enough to divert his attention from ESPN for a second. That sums up this book pretty well. Simply, quickly, flirtatiously, stop watching TV, stop thinking about our work, stop wondering about shoes, and just be US.

You can find this great book on in hardcover or paperback. Get yours today, and show your hubby "US" matters, because it does!


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