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Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Friday!!

Yay! We all made it to another weekend!

And I have some good news for three of my lovely readers. The winners of the $25 GC are...

#13 - Monica Andrew

#42 - Jennica and Preston

#55 - A Brain

Congratulations to you!!

For the rest of you, I also have some good news. You know I am a huge fan of Omega-3s in fish oil for all its work in helping your heart, brain, and giving you shiny hair and soft skin.  Now, I have even more good news!  A new study by researchers at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania found that 4 grams of concentrated fish oil daily may increase muscle mass while reducing body fat. The lead author and assistant professor of health sciences, Eric Noreen, Ph.D., explains why: "The fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids in fish reduce inflammation and levels of the stress hormone cortisol, both of which can cuase your body to hang onto fat."

That just gives me another reason to keep taking my fish-oil supplement - OmegaGuard. I recommend this supplement because it is ultra-pure and pharmaceutical grade fish oil, meeting the utmost standards for quality and purity!

On that positive note, I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


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