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Monday, March 2, 2015

New Quick, Healthy Meals From Artisan Bistro

As a very busy mom of four who works as a personal trainer in the late afternoons, getting dinner ready can end up being one of the biggest stresses in my life!

Thankfully, I found out about Artisan Bistro a while ago. They have made my life a little easier with their quick, healthy meals.

Artisan Bistro is the creator of organic and gluten free frozen breakfasts, entrées, bowls and now burritos and breakfast meals!

Let me introduce you to the burritos first. Who does not love a good burrito? You will love these even more because they are made with high-quality ingredients including sustainable proteins, organic vegetables, grains and spices all wrapped in a one-of-a-kind gluten free, organic tortilla. Each Burrito contains at least 70 percent organic ingredients and has between 11-14 grams of protein, are non-GMO and include sustainable-caught wild Alaskan salmon, free-range chicken and premium organic vegetables, not to mention a variety of organic whole grains and legumes, including quinoa, lentils and garbanzo beans.

Here are the different flavors:
  • Beef, Jack Cheese & Ancho Chili – A classic Oaxacan-inspired mix made with organic brown rice, robust ancho chilis, red bell peppers, onions and antibiotic-free beef.
  • Chicken Tinga & Chipotle – A traditional Mexican-inspired wrap made with organic brown rice, onions, cilantro, smoky chipotle and all-natural chicken. This was my personal favorite. I love the spiciness - it is jam-packed full of flavor!
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon & Poblano – A uniquely delicious blend made with poblano peppers and wild Alaskan salmon, combined with organic brown rice, spinach and parsley. Super healthy!
  • Meatless Carnitas & Salsa Verde – A savory and flavorful combination made with meatless carnitas, tomatillos and onions.

Now, onto their new Beyond Breakfast meals, which we also love to have as dinner every once in awhile. These are also very nutritious, protein-packed, made with organic, local and sustainable ingredients for a hearty meal perfect for breakfast, lunch and beyond. Like all Artisan Bistro entrées, the breakfasts are gluten free, organic and available in three vegetarian options and two varieties with all-natural turkey. Love that the eggs are from cage-free chickens and many of the vegetables are organic - in the future I hope to see them use the whole egg, from pastured chickens! That would be even better.

 Beyond Breakfast Varieties include:
  • Country-Style Potatoes & Egg – A modern twist on a classic favorite made with egg whites, all-natural turkey, organic kale and red potatoes finished with spicy white pepper.
  • Italian-Style Hash & Egg – A savory blend of egg whites, all-natural turkey, organic asparagus, white beans and crisp bell peppers.
  •  Huevos Rancheros Verde – A south-of-the-border-inspired mix of egg whites, organic black beans, bell peppers and creamy jack cheese.
  •  Mediterranean Breakfast Stack – A zesty vegetarian offering with egg whites, organic polenta, eggplant and sharp romano cheese.
  • Veggie Chorizo Huevos Rancheros – All the flavor of traditional chorizo in a meat-free version combined with egg whites patty, bell peppers and zesty jack cheese. 
 If you want to mix it up with your meals and have stress-free options available in your freezer for you to grab and eat quickly, you will love these delicious Artisan Bistro meals. Give yourself a night off from cooking every once in awhile, and still give your family something healthy to eat!


  1. Artisan Bistro seems like they have wonderful tasty products! I would enjoy trying the Veggie Chorizo Huevos Rancheros but everything looks terrific!
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  2. Much as we'd all like to convince ourselves otherwise, and much as we'd all "prefer" to do otherwise, there are just times when you just can't make a home cooked meal for any of a number of reasons...and these allow you to eat something that resembles actual food (an at least moderately "healthy" food) without feeling like you're committing culinary suicide. I enjoy cooking, but sometimes I just want to throw something in the oven and be done with it. The problem, of course, is that TV dinners leave a lot to be desired from both a taste and nutrition standpoint.

  3. These sound so good! I was just thinking, too, I'm too much of a "make from scratch" diehard that sometimes like yesterday, I had nothing to eat, and no time to make anything from scratch. These are a wonderful option to have on hand!


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