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Friday, November 28, 2014

Quick and Healthy Meals

It is the day after Thanksgiving, and after all that cooking yesterday, some of us may not be in the mood for making another delicious, healthy dinner. There are certainly days like that in our life. But, what is a person to do when most popular mainstream convenience foods are loaded with additives and preservatives and have proteins that are full of junk, along with allergens like gluten?

I was very impressed to learn about Artisan Bistro. They makes eating well simple and easy with their gluten free frozen meals, all containing a minimum of 70% organic ingredients. Artisan Bistro begins each recipe by selecting only super-premium, real food ingredients including free-range chicken, grass fed beef, and wild-caught sustainable fish. Is that not awesome?

Some of their varieties include:
  • Wild Salmon – wild-caught Alaskan salmon, Japanica rice, broccoli, walnuts and dried cranberries
  • Ginger Chicken – free-range chicken with brown rice, green beans, sugar snap peas, carrots and ginger puree.
  • Thai Style Red Curry with Beef – grass-fed beef with brown rice, sweet potatoes, green beans, coconut milk, red bell pepper puree, turmeric and toasted sesame oil.

My personal favorite is the Wild Salmon with Pesto. It is hard enough to find good quality Alaskan salmon in the grocery store sometimes. It has become somewhat of a treat in our house, so I love that this dinner uses only the best salmon! Plus, this is not one of those skimpy dinners that leaves you feeling hungry. It is a great balanced dinner that fills you up and tastes great!

All their entrees feature good quality proteins, a variety of whole grains and legumes like quinoa, lentils and garbanzo beans, and farm-fresh, crisp vegetables. Plus, all entrees are gluten free and contain non-GMO ingredients! A frozen dinner you do NOT have to feel guilty about. Yay!

Shop online for Artisan Bistro or find a store near you. I found them at my local Cub Foods, Target, Festival Foods, and my local co-op.

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  1. Wow - I'm psyched you can find this at Target! I'm craving some dinners like this esp in winter often don't have the time at night to make a good entree. These sound super I need to check them out asap!


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