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Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Fun!

Living healthy natural lives is not always the easiest thing, which is why I started my blog - to inspire and help others live their best life healthfully and naturally. Friday Fun is my way of sharing a bit of my life with you, my readers and friends, and I hope you will be willing to share your thoughts and ideas with me too.

So, here we go!

In my life this week...
So much fun!!! One of my younger sisters got engaged, we already started looking at wedding dresses, another sister had a baby boy, and I reached my half way point of this pregnancy. Whoo, whoo!

I also began a new session of specialty weight loss/healthy living classes at work. I love meeting new clients and helping them reach their goals. Plus, some of my other long time clients are really making significant progress and breaking down barriers! I love that! When you can start seeing your own potential and believing in your body's ability to break down barriers you've built up, you are going to climb mountains!

I am inspired by...
the fresh night air. I have always loved getting outside for a few minutes when it is dark and peaceful. At the end of a long day, it is such a soothing and restful time.

My favorite thing this week was...
Oh my! I had so many favorites! I had a blast taking my kids to the beach and trying to teach them how to swim. That was probably my favorite!

What's working/not working for me...
Working - I never get over how wonderful it is to go out in my backyard and pick fresh veggies for every meal. Every year I forget how absolutely awesome it is to get all that fresh garden produce until I bite into my first pea or cucumber. Yum!!

Not working - I am trying to be loving and forgiving to a cranky neighbor who has been acting selfishly, and it isn't working very well. I keep getting all fired up about it when I think about it. Trying to remember that I can display love even when others are unloving.

Questions/thoughts I have...
Is my baby a boy or girl? We usually do an ultrasound to find out our baby's gender and celebrate 20 weeks, but after praying about it and doing lots of research, we decided that we don't want to risk any complication with our baby just to see it on ultrasound. So, we are going to wait...We'll see how that goes. :-)

I'm reading...
Unglued Devotional by Lysa TerKerst, and I am still reading through one chapter of the Bible a day, now I am in Mark.

I'm cooking...
This week I have been using my crock pot a lot. We are loving my newest recipe: Paleo Crock Pot Italian Lemon Chicken. I have also been enjoying sunflower seed butter gooey bars with chia seeds and flax seed and a little bit of chocolate. Besides that, I made crock pot whole chicken, crock pot Italian meatballs and healthy meatloaf.

I'm grateful for...
little baby kicks from inside my tummy, kisses and "thank yous" from my kids, moments of peace and quiet, celebrating huge milestones with other people, seeing my little sister in a wedding dress, green trees, cute baby birds, fresh veggies from the garden, flowers picked by my kids, and so much more!

A photo, video, link, or quote to share... 

20 weeks with baby #4!!!

Photo: 20 weeks with Baby #4!!! Always love being 1/2 way through!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful week!! Congrats on being an aunt and your picture is super!
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. Now that fall is coming (or already here) I love using my crock pot to make easy, healthy meals.

    slehan at juno dot com


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