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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Quick Workouts With Rev4

Cara was provided product to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed are 100% her own.

I know many people use the excuse of "I don't have time," for the reason they don't exercise. I understand busy lives. I understand children running around, needing you every other second. So, let me offer you a great solution - how about a 10 minute workout?  

 REV4 Rev It Up by Natalie Jill is a great workout DVD that you can do at home in only 10 minutes. Let's say for some odd reason, you actually have more time, well then, you can expand your workout with her other 3 add-on 10 minutes workouts! 

These workouts are super convenient and can be modified to fit your lifestyle and level of fitness. Rev4 was designed to CHANGE your body FAST and with ZERO equipment! But, if you like a little more challenge, then add weights!

I really did enjoy mixing up some of my workouts by adding in an extra 10 minute workout from Natalie. I love that she uses do-able 30 sec intervals, so you can really push yourself. Plus, she did some new moves that I haven't ever seen. I loved that! These are great for beginner or medium intensity workouts. If you are more advanced, I would for sure add weights and maybe do these in addition to another workout.

This DVD consists of:
  • Warm-up 
  • Rev1-Full Body 
  • Rev2-Lower Body 
  • Rev3-Upper Body 
  • Rev4-Core Crusher 
  • Cool-down 
  • Bonus Material

I would definitely recommend Rev4 for busy women, people who want to mix it up a bit, and those of you who don't have a lot of home gym equipment. The whole DVD is very comprehensive, for a great total body workout!


  1. This does sound like a fun workout DVD. I like that you can get some fitness in within 10 minutes. REV4 Rev It Up by Natalie Jill sounds great to try out.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

    1. Who doesn't love a short workout? :-) I do!

  2. The REV4 Workout sounds like it packs a punch in a short amount of time - which is a good thing. I'm going to have to get this one.

    1. Yes! And when you have more time, do more! :-)

  3. I need to get a hold of this! I could so use some short and intense work outs!

    1. I have some awesome Tabata 20 minute workouts right here on the blog! Check them out:


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