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Friday, March 7, 2014

What Are Wellness Programs All About?

This is a sponsored post in which all opinions are my own.

In the workplace today, wellness programs are becoming widespread. The bottom line of wellness programs is this: healthier employees are more productive and happier employees. Wellness programs, like the programs incentaHEALTH and other health care technology companies operate, offer programs that range from giving workers health information, allowing you to learn about fitness education, subsidized healthy lunches and a company gym. Wellness programs should matter to your company, because your employees are the most valuable asset you have.

There are a ton of benefits to wellness programs. The company itself gets a strategic advantage by putting money into a program that gives them lower costs in return. Oftentimes, these are in the form of better performance from workers, lower health care costs and lower absenteeism. By offering workers these services, the company improves job satisfaction, well-being and raises retention rates. The wellness of the employees has an impact on the future success of the company.

Are you wondering why you, as an employee of a company, should take advantage of a wellness program in the workplace? All people have health risks to some degree, whether it’s smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating, something genetic, lack of sleep or exercise. Using a wellness program brings positive change to people. Not only can you complete your job responsibilities better, but you have more energy to dedicate to your family when you get home.

You can get a lot healthier with a workplace wellness program, even if it only means reducing some stress and muscle strain while working. Depending on the type of program your company offers, it can help you lower your cholesterol, lose weight, sleep better, save money on prescriptions and lower blood pressure. Oftentimes, all it takes is a bit of motivation to get you on the road to better health, and a workplace wellness program might be just the thing for you.

Another major benefit of a wellness program is the sense of camaraderie you get with your co-workers. You have more opportunities to share activities with your co-workers that aren’t related to the job, whether playing a sports game, being a part of a walking club or going to the gym. Having social support is a big part of getting fit and losing weight. By interacting with your co-workers, you can give each other encouragement and hold one another accountable for your fitness goals. Plus, you’ll be motivated by seeing others' positive results. By taking part in a wellness program, you’re a big part of a team.

If you’re lucky enough to have a wellness program in your place of business, take advantage of the opportunity! Having access to this type of program makes it easy for you to take care of your health every single day.


  1. Someone who works at Whole Foods told me they have a program where after you are there a year you can get a good discount for meeting certain health requirements. She said it is real incentive, she now has the best discount you can get.


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