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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Home Improvement Safety

This is a sponsored post written by Cara. All thoughts and opinions are 100% her own.

Being a home owner, I understand firsthand that sometimes owning your own home isn't the most fun thing. Pipes leak, mold grows, washing machines break, light bulbs need to be changed, grass needs to be mowed, furniture needs to be replaced, and the list goes on and on. Some of this can be very back-breaking work, so it is important to remember your safety and health is number one when taking care of these projects.

Recently, our washing machine stopped spinning the clothes. That presents a problem when you have a lot of stinky cloth diapers that need to be washed pronto! Of course, we forked over the cash for a new washing machine. Then, came the heavy work of getting the old washing machine out and the new one in its place. That can be back-breaking work.

Many people hurt or strain themselves while trying to do some of these DIY projects at home. As a personal trainer, I often hear stories of people hurting their backs or necks or pulling muscles from doing home projects. Not to mention, my own husband hurt his low back badly while lifting a heavy water heater at work.

Instead of trying to lift these heavy things yourself, why not use all the ingenious tools that take most of the load off. Hand-trucks, casters, and sliding boards can enable even the slightest person to move large objects and items with ease.

You will probably even find what you are looking for from a local store and be able to easily rent or purchase these needed accessory items. If you can't find the appropriate sized or priced products from local moving retail sites, transport service providers, or other home improvement venues, you may want to consider online alternatives.

The best way to find durable hand trucks and casters (in case you didn't know, caster is a wheel that will transform any object into an easily moved item instantly) is through searching reliable retail venues that offer customer satisfaction. These are a low-cost way to get a hold of devices that will make tough tasks manageable and expedient and keep your body from bearing more of a load than it can handle.
Maintaining your own home can be a lot of hard work, so make sure you take a load off when you can!


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