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Friday, January 17, 2014

6 Awesome Metabolism Boosting Foods

Start your weekend off with a bang! Here are six really great metabolism boosters that you will love! Why six? Well, I wanted to give you five, because that is just enough to hopefully remember them all, but then I had to give you a bonus one too!

Remember them, use them, and feel great!

1. Alaskan Salmon – Whether you eat it canned or fresh, it has omega-3 fatty acids, which stimulate the production of leptin, a hormone that increases feelings of fullness (so you stop eating sooner). It also revs up your metabolism. Mackerel, herring and sardines are good sources too. Not a big fish eater? Get your omegas in supplement form. But, be careful with fish oil supplements, because you want to look for an ultra-purified one with no toxic chemicals or metals. I use Omegagize from Young Living, because I trust their purity and quality.

2. Grapefruit – While I don’t want you going on the “grapefruit diet,” grapefruit does have redeeming qualities. It contains naringenin, an antioxidant that researchers found helps your body use insulin more efficiently, keeping your blood sugar in check and improving calorie burn.

3. Almonds - These little guys are so nutritionally dense, what is not to love? While I don't want you to just chug them by the bagful, a handful here or there is great! You don't need a ton of them, because packed into that little handful is a large amount of healthy macronutrients and great protein. Plus, they contain vitamin E (an antioxidant) and are a good source of fiber (which helps keep you full).
4. Green Tea – It contains epigallocatechin, (try to pronounce that one) which stimulates the nervous system – without elevating your heart rate. The Journal of Nutrition reports that people who drank green tea and exercised regularly burned more calories than those who sweated but didn’t sip. Three cups a day can torch up to 80 calories. And if you can get your hands on some Matcha, then that is even better!!

5. Hot Peppers – Jalapenos, habanero, and cayenne don’t just add flavor, they also amp up your calorie burn too. Capsaicin is the chemical to thank for the calorie burn! Research shows that a spicy meal can increase your metabolism by up to 25 percent for 3 hours after you’ve eaten it. So, if you are going to have chips, make sure you dip them in salsa!

*Bonus - 6.  Water - Here is where you give yourself a pat on the back, because you should already be drinking plenty of water each day....right? You better be! Remember, almost 2/3rds of our body weight is water weight. If you are not getting enough water through drinking, fruits and veggies, your body will suffer.

I don't want to tell you how much to drink, because that is up to your individual body. Drink when you are thirsty, and drink extra before and after workouts. When you do, you will be improving your energy, increasing your mental and physical performances, helping to remove waste and toxins, keeping your skin healthy and radiant, and so much more! Oh, and make sure you are drinking pure water.


  1. I love eating salmon, green tea and almonds. I do have to drink more water and I have been reading about how important it is to drink enough during the day. Great tips!
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    1. Good for you! Salmon and green tea are such super foods!


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