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Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Detox - Day 4

Take a look at your drinking water.  Our bodies are made up of mostly water, and we should be drinking LOTS of good purified water. What is purified water?

You want to make sure your water is free of nasty contaminants such as lead, mercury, and VOC's. For drinking water, I recommend the Shaklee Get Clean water pitchers and filters. They are proven better than Brita, PUR, and other competitors. We were trying to do foster care about a year ago when we found our water had nitrates in it! Aughhh! I was not a happy camper. But, one of the only things that gets out nitrates is a Reverse Osmosis System, so we have one of those too. Oh, and don't think bottled water is better, because in most cases it isn't. There are less regulations on bottled water, so for all you know, it came straight from someone's faucet.

Also, don't forget about your shower and bath. Chlorine is especially bad for our health, and often it is in our water in high amounts. You can get shower and bath filters, and they work really easily. I researched the best quality, and I chose Aquasana for our house.

Make your water clean and toxic free today!


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