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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

PilateMate Review and Full Workout

Let's talk fitness for a minute.

How many of you have heard of the BOSU ball? It is that big half circle bubble thing you may have seen at your local gym. If you are lucky, you may even have one at home.

If you don't have over $100 to shell out for a BOSU, you are going to love hearing about a new smaller, lighter version that is at least $40 cheaper.
 My BOSU and PilateMate side by side

The PilateMate is one of my newest fitness tools that can be used to amp up workouts and get even better results.

Thanks to Founders Fitness, you can now use these fun little half-balls to spice up your workouts. There are  so many ways you can use the PilateMate! What I love most as a personal trainer is that every time you use the PilateMate, you are also getting bonus work in your stabilizing muscles that you wouldn't be getting if you weren't using the PilateMate.

Below, I have shared with you an awesome full body workout that you can do with your PilateMate. My personal favorite move with the PilateMate is the good ol' plank. I like to put my hands on the flatter side of the PilateMate and roll it side to side and forward and back. Major core work!

You can buy the PilateMate from Founders Fitness for $79. This would make a great gift for all fitness lovers! (Side note: my children are also obsessed with playing with the PilateMate)


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