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Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Fun!

Living healthy natural lives is not always the easiest thing, which is why I started my blog - to inspire and help others live their best life healthfully and naturally. Friday Fun is my way of sharing a bit of my life with you, my readers and friends, and I hope you will be willing to share your thoughts and ideas with me too.

So, here we go!

In my life this week...
My husband had a few days off, so we have been really enjoying spending time together as a family. It amazes me, because I feel like I fall in love with my husband more and more every day. Such a blessing! We have found a wonderful beach nearby that we can ride our bikes to. We are trying to get our kids to learn some basics of swimming, which is a challenge, because they don't like to get their faces wet. We also got our jungle of a garden weeded. We hosted a small group Bible study for other young couples with kids that we are friends with. It is always such a blessing to get together with other people in the same stage of life as you - to relate with, laugh with and help strengthen each others' faiths.

I am inspired by...
my sister-in-law Katie, who is going through many trials right now. Her father is suffering from cancer. The doctors go back and forth with saying he will die any day to a couple weeks or more. She keeps traveling back and forth many hours with her three kids to be with him and her mom. Plus, she is pregnant with her fourth baby. I can only imagine the heartache she is experiencing, so please keep her and her family in your prayers.

My favorite thing this week was...
enjoying our first produce from our garden! We have been enjoying fresh herbs: basil, parsley, cilantro and chives. Plus, we got our first cherry tomatoes and beefsteak tomatoes! So delicious!

What's working/not working for me...
Working - Realizing that I need to work on being humble. When you are truly humble, you can be thankful for everything. It is when you feel entitled to certain things that you feel disappointed, angry, and stressed. So, I am working on this...Never to be perfect, but just trying to live a life of thanksgiving.

Not working - We have been working through some differences in parenting styles and being consistent between both of us when we discipline our children. Does anyone have any tips for this? I'd love to hear them!

Questions/thoughts I have...
Is my son really going to be starting kindergarten in one month???? Yikes!

I'm reading...
The Maid of Fairbourne Hall by Julie Klassen, 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp, Health magazine and a few other books

I'm cooking...
Tacos with fresh tomatoes and cilantro from our garden, Chicken Spaghetti, Banana bread, Banana "Ice Cream" - check out what I am talking about - One Ingredient Healthy Ice Cream

I'm grateful for...
In case you haven't been following what I am doing with the book 1000 Gifts, let me catch you up to speed. I am keeping a list of 1000 things I am grateful for. It has helped me change my perspective, slow down, and live much more stress free! I am now in the 750's on my list, so I am practically done, which actually makes me sad. So, I am thinking that I will just keep going forever. :-) Here are just a few things I am grateful for this week - afternoon rain showers, braiding my daughter's hair, good morning kisses, attitude changes, making paper with my children, fresh tomatoes still warm from the sunshine

A photo, video, link, or quote to share...

One of my favorites found on Pinterest this week. Check out my boards and see if you can find something that will help keep you motivated!

#BiggestLoser Motivation!


  1. That is terrific that you have your own vegetable garden. That will be my project eventually! I love the taste of homegrown tomatoes! Enjoy.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

    1. Yes, there is nothing better than picking your food from your own garden!


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