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Friday, June 7, 2013

Natural Ways to Combat Allergies

Thanks to Kishana Sainte for this sponsored post. I hope you enjoy her great tips for fighting allergies naturally.

Pollen season. That wonderful time of year where the majority of the population becomes ridden with a runny nose, itchy and red eyes as well as congestion heavy enough to rival an elephant. Allergy season is nothing but sneezes and coughs, or medications to stop it.

That is, unless you know natural ways to combat the downfall of springtime. This year, as the trees blossom, the flowers bloom and the puffs of pollen liven the landscape, try fighting your allergies the all-natural way. Here are five tips to do just that.

1. Let your hair fall naturally. Who would have thought it, but using hair products could be causing you allergy issues? Hair holders like gels and hairsprays are a magnet for pollen. It doesn’t matter if you shower regularly or not, if you walk outside and you have hair products in your hair, pollen will find you. And it doesn’t stop at your head. The pollen will eventually end up on your pillow (unless you are a person that enjoys a nighttime shower) continuing its havoc on your sinuses and eyes.

2. Use the power of water. Both rinsing your face often and using the steamy byproduct of boiling water can help diminish the problems from pollen. If steam doesn’t bother you, it can actually be the way to go as it is known to decrease inflammation of the sinuses and help the discharge of mucus. To give yourself some extra love add a few drops of Eucalyptus or Lavender to the water to use the power of floral essences.

3. Learn Mother Nature’s alternative. Instead of buying over-the-counter allergy medicines, try going for a more natural approach. For example, research has proven that butterbar works just as well as drugstore-style antihistamines. Other herbs that are helpful include peppermint and lemon as well as honey that is made in your local area. By eating honey locally-made you naturally inoculate yourself from the pollen in your home town.

4. Eat to your benefit. The foods you eat can actually play a role in the power that allergies hold over you. For instance, foods like salmon, walnuts, and flaxseed, which contain omega-3s, lower reactions to histamine. They also boost your immune system, supporting its ability to block allergens. Another way that foods can help you is through their spiciness. Spicy items like hot peppers, wasabi, cayenne pepper, curry, and chili powder are blessed with capsaicin which helps produce mucus, naturally ridding your body of the harmful allergy causing components.

5. Hat and sunglasses approved! If there was ever a time to wear a big hat and oversized sunglasses, allergy season would be it. These fabulous ways to cover up your skin and hair reduce access for pollen to cling to you.

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