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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Take Charge of Eating Tip #27

 I know many of you have expressed how hard it can be to live the healthy, clean lifestyle you want when someone close to you isn't supportive. That is why this tip is so key!

#27 - Find nutrition buddies with whom you can share your commitment to eating more healthily. Share tips, ideas, recipes, and give each other support during life's ups and downs. 

Isn't this so important? If you have been improving yourself or your diet lately, you know what I am talking about. You NEED support. Some days I feel like everyone is ridiculing me for my choices, but then I find another mom who cares as much as I do about what she is feeding her family, and I feel so much better. I can relate to her struggles, and she can relate to mine. We both can stand a little taller the next time someone looks at us with that "You're crazy" look.

Thankfully, after some years of slowly educating him, my husband is now a pretty great rock for me to lean on when I feel down about being different than most people. He stands by me against adversity, and I can vent to him about GMO's, Monsanto or whoever. We all need that person or group of people. If you are looking for that person and haven't found them yet, consider me that person. I love to support and help others, and as a personal trainer, it is my job. So, reach out to me via email or comments whenever you need a little support!



  1. So awesome for you to offer. My family calls me making our yogurt or mixing up some ginger tea to settle my stomach or mixing cayenne pepper and oil to use like icy hot as my "witchy concoctions" It can be frustrating sometimes. It's not like I am asking them to raise sheep to make their own cloths or something! But is it too much to ask they try some steamed Dandelion Leaves? I love them!

    1. Well, yeah, I meant what I said. I am here for all my readers. :-) I know what people say, because they have said it about me too. I know what obstacles are out there, because I have pushed past them too. I want to encourage others, especially those who have no one else to encourage them.

      I love your story! I think your ideas are awesome! I would be delighted to try some of your dandelion leaves. Please, and thank you!


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