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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Take Charge of Eating Tip #19

Today's tip is so powerful, so simple, and so hard for many of us!!!

#19 - When you eat, sit down at the table and look at your food with appreciation, and without distractions such as television, etc. Chew slowly and with awareness. You'll see that this simple ritual act will improve your digestion and provide you with greater clarity throughout the day.

Gosh, sound easy, right? But, how often do you find yourself reading the newspaper, checking email, watching tv or being distracted in other ways? As weird as it sounds, it is way too easy for me to multitask, even while eating. When I remove all distractions, (besides my kids) I notice I can feel when my body is really full, and I tend to chew my food more and enjoy it.

What about you?

(If you missed my post about why or how we are doing this Take Charge of Eating challenge, check it out before you join us)


  1. Guilty. Except when we have someone over for a meal or go out to eat, we multi task at virtually every meal. I eat while watching TV, while on the computer, while reading, etc. Reading while eating has always been a habit since there are so many books I want to read and so little time.

    Especially when snacking, multi-tasking is dangerous. You do not pay attention to how much you are eating. Unless I put out a serving say of Cheetos (yes I know - bad food, but a weakness) the bag will be gone before you know it.

    1. Ooooh...Well, when you know better, you can do better!


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