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Monday, January 7, 2013

Whole30 Challenge - Day 7 - What the Ghee?

Started my day off with asparagus and fried eggs, which was delicious! I added a new, special touch by frying the eggs in ghee. Yes, ghee. Is that a real thing? Yes, it is.

If you haven't heard of ghee before, then let me introduce you.

Ghee, which is clarified butter, is a traditional Indian staple. You make it by slowly cooking butter to get out water and milk solids. Ghee is what remains. It is a golden, semi-soft spread with a rich buttery taste and aroma.
So, why am I using ghee? Well, first of all, it is Whole30 approved since it is lactose and casein free, and second of all, it is actually quite good for you. Check this out!

Ghee is most notably said to stimulate the secretion of stomach acids to help with digestion, while other fats, such as butter and oils, slow down the digestive process and can sit heavy in the stomach. Although tests and research are still ongoing, it has been used in Indian medicinal practice to help with ulcers, constipation, and the promotion of healthy eyes and skin. An Indian folk-remedy for thousands of years, ghee is also said to promote learning and increased memory retention. It is used in Indian beauty creams to help soften skin, and as a topical for the treatment of burns and blisters.

In addition to ghee's nutritional value, it is rich with antioxidants and acts as an aid in the absorption of vitamins and minerals from other foods, feeding all layers of body tissue and serving to strengthen the immune system. A high concentration of butyric acid, a fatty acid that contains anti-viral properties, is believed to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors.

Pretty cool for a yummy, rich, buttery tasting food, right?

Since it has a high smoking point, I am going to be using this for all my stir-frying, egg frying, and other cooking.

Let me warn you, it is a little hard to find. In fact, I had kind of given up hope of finding it locally, but then yesterday I was skipping around Whole Foods, and I spotted it in a shelf by some other Indian sauces. Hooray! I highly recommend trying it out.

On another note, I am trying a new chicken recipe tonight, so I will let you know how that goes tomorrow. Stay tuned for the recipe and all that fun stuff.


  1. Sounds good. We have a Whole Foods in town and if they don't have it, my daughter lives in Asheville, NC and you can find just about anything there. I look forward to trying it.

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