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Monday, January 21, 2013

Hug Your Child - Hugga Bugga Kids

Happy World Hug Day! Did you even know there was such a day? Well, don't feel bad. I didn't either, until I met the creators of Hugga Bugga Kids, who believe the most important bond in the world is between parents and their children. Their bracelets and charms remind us how precious this bond is and to value what really counts - you and the ones you love. Their product promotes the daily gift of a hug.

They make these super cute bracelets and charms, with a Huggabugga ladybug on each charm.

Since I only had one bracelet and charm, and I have two children who really wanted to wear this special bracelet, I decided to make it a privilege to get to wear the Hugga Bugga bracelet. When one of them does something extraordinarily sweet or special, they get to wear the bracelet and get a big hug!

Now, this isn't the only time they get hugs, but it does add to the specialness of wearing the bracelet, because face it - everyone loves hugs! Human touch is so important for thriving children, and adults! Just ask someone who lives alone - they probably miss hugs. When I lived alone the year before I was married, that was the first time I really truly understood the power of a hug. I missed them more than anything!

I love that these bracelets and charms are child-safe and made of lead-free pewter. They are all sweetness and cuteness! They come in several different sizes, so they can fit any child or adult starting at around toddler age. I think this is such a lovely idea. Who couldn't use more hugs, after all?

On this World Hug Day and every single day, give your loved ones lots of hugs and kisses! Be inspired to give a special surprise gift of a Hugga Bugga to someone you love! Snuggle, hold hands, look into their eyes, gently rub their backs or feet. They'll love it, and you will too!

Cara received product to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed are 100% her own.


  1. What a darling idea. I just ordered one for my daughter to use with my granddaughter. She is a bit young, but I'll save it for when she is a little older. Recognition is important for everyone, no matter what the age.

  2. Hi, Cara. I'm just stopping by to say hi and read your review as I also wrote one:

    I love your idea of trading off the privilege of wearing the embracelet. What a great incentive for good behavior. :)

    1. Great! I am so glad that you came and visited my blog!

  3. Love this! What a terrific way to modify the use of the bracelet. :) I found you from the Hugga Bugga bracelet blog on the 'Testimonial's Page"

  4. Great post! I love that you are living naturally. We have always tried, but not until the past few months have we truly embraced natural living. I wrote a review of my own about this bracelet:

    I enjoyed your blog, and have book marked it. I look forward to seeing more!


    1. Good for you, Lindsie!! We are so glad to have you join us! Hope you enjoy all the articles, reviews and fun we have here!


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