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Saturday, January 26, 2013

6 Tropical Tips to Make You Glow

6 Tropical Tips to Make You Glow
(Even When Winter Doesn’t Say So)

These tips are really helpful for what these harsh winters do to our bodies. Did you know all of these interesting facts about plantains? So cool!

Tip 1. Avoid red runny noses at all costs

Plantains have tons of Vitamin C, even more than their brother the banana, which helps our bodies build resistance to illness.
Tip 2. Brighten your skin with a little bite
Vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant in plantains, enhances skin complexion.
Tip 3. Moisturize with a Colombian remedy

Great for dried out wintery skin, a mixture of overripe plantain (more black spots than yellow), fresh milk cream and a squeeze of lime to sanitize will have your face feeling summery in no time.
Tip 4. Make a toner 

A bit of mashed plantain and honey on your skin will help even out those dark spots and red patches we notice oh-so much under winter’s gloom.
Tip 5. Look younger 

For a once-a-week treat, give yourself a facial by whipping together a plantain and one egg. The anti-aging effect will have your skin on a Spring Break to South America!
Tip 6. Fake a tan

Now that you’re skin is healthy, smooth and fresh it’s time to have a spray tan. This will just top off your tropical glow like you’ve just left the equator!

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  1. Interesting, I hadn't heard the plantain tips before.

  2. A natural and inexpensive exfoliant... baking soda, it truly helps with that dry weather skin and doesn't dry out your face/skin or scratch like some can.


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