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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide - Journal10 2013

With my forgetful Mom brain, I have to write down list after list just to keep track of what I am doing next in my daily life. My children are growing up so fast, and some days life seems to fly by. I don't want to forget all those special little moments with my children, so I love having Journal 10 to keep track of each day with my precious family and friends.

Journal 10 is the only journal of its kind that I have found. With this unique journal, you can record the events of your life or those of your children's lives a decade at a time!! No more stacking up the journals and figuring out which is which. Now, you can use one journal for 10 whole years!! Now that is simplicity!

Obviously, if you are going to use a journal for 10 years, it has to be durable. Journal 10 is made of quality material and has a sturdy binding.

Journal 10+ 2012 - 2022 - FREE STANDARD SHIPPING

Now, what truly makes this journal unique is the format. You don't have a daunting amount of lines to fill in every day - only four lines. And if you want to write more, you can - in the carry-over pages located in the back. It is all super-organized, and actually can be used as much more than a journal. There is a section in the front for planning and goals (which I love), a section in the back for keeping track of medical, automobile issues and other important topics, and a section for special dates. This is one journal you will love writing in and love coming back to read!

The current 2013-2023 Journal 10 is available now for $39.95, plus you can enjoy free shipping! You will love the memories you can look back on. Whether you want this for yourself or to give as the perfect gift idea, this is the journal I recommend!


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