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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Laura's Wholesome Junk Food Interview Part 2 and Giveaway

Yes! Yes! Yes! We are having another Laura's Wholesome Junk Food giveaway! Plus, I want to share with you the second half of an interview I did with Dr. Laura, the owner and creator of these delicious treats. To see Part 1 of this interview, click here.Now, let's get started with all this fun...

Me - What sets your products apart from other healthy cookies? 

Dr. Laura - Well, to my knowledge, they were the first date-sweetened cookies out there. On top of that, they are made with ingredients that have no artificial additives, are whole grain based and are also vegan. Most importantly, they taste so decadent. They are portion controlled in a way, in that they are small and bite-sized like a chocolate.

Me - How did you decide what ingredients to use and what products to create?

Dr. Laura - That was easy. I asked myself the following questions:
What tastes good? How do I eat? What feels like a treat? Also, what is as unrefined and wholesome as possible while still providing the sense of a being a treat?

An example of how I do this is with my Cranberry Breakfast Bite-lettes. Now, I had the choice of these itty bitty cranberry pieces or HUGE ½ ocean spray cranberries…Now, is that really a choice? If I were trying to cut corners, maybe the bits, but, of course, I picked the big Cranberry chunks. In all my cookies that have chocolate or chocolate chips, I use unsweetened cocoa powder or a custom made chocolate chip that has no white sugar. Sure, my chocolate chips melt a little bit faster because they are natural and have only good ingredients, but that is what I want customers to enjoy – wholesome junk food.

The Wholesome Junk Food cookbook was created to help people who love sweets to know how to make their favorite dessert with better ingredients. Like, home-made ice-cream made with coconut milk and sweetened with bananas and strawberries. Or, make your own granola or candy and cakes with whole grains.

Thanks, Dr. Laura for sharing your creative process, your hard work, insider info on the company and your tips with us on healthier cooking! 

This week, we are offering a giveaway of (1) Tub of Mint Double Fudge and (1) Tub of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip to (1) lucky winner!! Oh yummy!!!! Just enter below for your chance to win!
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