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Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunbaby Cloth Diaper

I think we all know how expensive it can be to raise kids, especially when you have multiple children. We are getting ready for our third to come any day now, and I am looking forward to saving money again by cloth diapering our newest addition. Thanks to Sunbaby Diapers, she will have a really cute diaper to add to her collection!

These diapers are especially great for those of you on a budget! If you have always wanted to cloth diaper, but didn’t want to invest hundreds of dollars, you don’t have to wait any longer. With their one size diapers you can cloth diaper from birth to potty training for as little as $60. Isn't that awesome? Imagine how much you would be spending if you used disposables??? Sunbaby is definitely a smart choice for your wallet!

And look at how cute their diapers are! They have 19 adorable designs to choose from.

I love that their diapers use snaps, because I think they are more durable. I also love that they are one-size diapers, so they grow with your baby. They can be adjusted in the waist and the leg area, so they really do become a perfect fit for your baby. Plus, these are super easy to use - just put the insert into the opening in the cover, and that is that!

Take one more look at this cute pattern and the way this diaper adjust both at the waist and around the legs.

You can start building your cloth diaper collection today from Sunbaby Diapers! Smart move for the planet, your wallet and your baby!

Cara was provided product to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed are 100% her own.


  1. Almost 40 years ago, disposable diapers were the new thing and few were using cloth diapers. I went against the trend as usual, stuck with the cloth diapers and was glad I did. In the long run, it was better for the babies and cheaper. Admittedly, it is a bit harder for someone who is working outside the home to deal with cloth diapers, bur I still feel it is worth it. It takes serious laundry scheduling, but is worth it.
    My daughter set herself up with cloth diapers well before her baby was born. She has been using "green" disposable diapers because she has been averaging 12 hour days six days a week. She is lucky to get clothes washed, let alone folded and put away. Her husband is a big help, but he has his hand full with a 14 month old who takes after her uncle, the rock climber.

  2. I really want to do cloth diapers, but am concerned about the time requirements and whether a daycare center will use them.

  3. my niece would love that hello kitty design!


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