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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mini Pops - The Coolest New Popped Snack

Have you ever eaten the grain Sorghum before? I don't think I had until I just recently tried Mini Pops, the coolest new air popped sorghum grain. Now, before you judge this snack as "not my thing," give me a chance to tell you more...

Here is a little comparison between Mini Pops and regular popcorn -
Mini Pops have...
  • lower saturated fat
  • fewer calories
  • more protein
  • higher in iron
  • higher in calcium
  • high in fiber
  • no annoying hulls to get stuck in your teeth
  • corn free
Plus...they taste just as good as popcorn, if not better!!

The one main difference besides being healthier is that Mini Pops are much smaller than popcorn. Take a look at my pic below showing you regular popcorn versus Mini Pops.

While they are smaller, they still pack a punch of yumminess in every handful! They come in tasty flavors like: Petite Plain, Subatomic Sea Salt, Baby White Cheddar, Itsy Bitsy Chili Cheese, Nano Pepper and Herb, Hot n' Chilly Chili, Itty Bitty Butter and Cutie Caramel Clusters. Sound delish, right?

no preview

I tried the butter, sea salt, white cheddar, and chili cheese. I think my favorite was the white cheddar or sea salt. My husband loved the chili cheese. And we both LOVED that every bite was free from pesticides, genetic modifications and had more nutrition than regular popcorn!

Mini Pops are organic, gluten-free, non GMO, whole grain and grown right here in the USA with 50% less agricultural water consumption than corn! These snacks are the obvious healthier, greener and safer choice for your snacking!

Where can you go and pick up some bags for yourself? Use their store locator to find a store near you or order online! I can't wait to try the Caramel Clusters next!

Cara was provided products to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed are 100% her own.


  1. I've heard of these but i've never seen them in stores they sound good!

  2. Sounds good. I had never heard of popped sorghum before, but why not. Popping or toasting grains brings out their rich, nutty taste.
    There is a story not too far from us where we can get it. I'll be looking for it.
    Thanks for the review.


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