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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where Do You Shop Online?

I love easy, hassle-free shopping. Long gone are the days I could just spend hours wandering around a mall or department store shopping to my heart's content. Now, I have two (soon to be three) little tykes grabbing at me, gabbing or whining in my ears, and I have to think very carefully about my time management. There is only so long before one of them has to have a snack, get their diaper changed, take a nap, etc.

That is why these days I prefer online shopping to running around town with my crazy kiddos. I really like shopping at Become, because they are a comparison shopping site, and they save you lots of money. You can get the best prices on anything from the cheapest price glucose monitor to the very specific items like a long handled powder applicator.

Whenever I have a free moment or two, I head on over to check out their hot products or their coupon selection. My one problem is that sometimes when I am browsing, I find things I probably don't need. For instance, as my pregnancy comes to a close, my body is starting to ache and I have heard about those abdominal support belts. Sure enough, I found a torso elastic uport band on Become. That is when I have to have the self-control to stick to my shopping list to keep me on track.

What are your favorite online shopping sites?

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  1. Places I shop online:,,, Greener Living, Etsy

  2. I don't shop on line that often, but when I do, it is on or Barnes and

  3. I love to shop on-line too, it saves so much time and also gas for my car! I never heard of Become, but I will check it out. I try to look up promotion codes also, it does save some money if you can find one for the site you are shopping on.
    twinkle at optonline dot net


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