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Friday, May 25, 2012

What Do You Think About Dental Insurance?

We have health insurance through my husband's job, but it is quite crappy, and it certainly doesn't include dental insurance. It won't even cover my midwife or any of her fees! We hardly use the insurance, because the only doctor we go to regularly is our chiropractor. I just get frustrated because of the whole thing.

Tooth problems can be soooo awful and painful, which is why it sometimes makes me nervous that we have no dental insurance. I go back and forth sometimes with the decision, but as of right now my plan is working on prevention and keeping my family's teeth strong and healthy that way.

No, we don't use fluoride. No, we don't use whitening kits or any other chemical things on our teeth. We use organic toothpaste and floss every single day. Plus, we eat healthy diets with little to no sugar and take lots of good vitamins that build healthy teeth and protect against dental problems. Plus, as you saw in my post about how exercise improves dental health, an all around healthy lifestyle can be a great way to protect against dental problems. So far, this has been working great for us.

But, you never know...a knocked out tooth, a painful wisdom tooth, or who knows what else, and we could be in a financial bind without dental insurance.

So, what is your opinion? I want to hear from you - dental insurance or no dental insurance?


  1. We don't have dental insurance, which I hate, but unfortunately, it's not in our budget.

  2. Our insurance covers one cleaning a year and a small percentage of other work done. My husband and I have good teeth and have had few problems other than repair of a few old fillings. When our children had their wisdom teeth pulled little of it was covered.
    As we get older I get a bit nervous since the insurance we now have will no longer apply when my husband retires. If we start having major problems, I guess we will check out a few of the policies available.


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