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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Vacation Time!

School is starting to let out for a lot of people, and you know what that means for lots of families? Vacation!!

Although many of us are still working during the summer, it is a great time to head out and spend some quality time with our families. The question is - where should you go?

I have been planning our family's summer vacation around my sister-in-law's wedding. Since it is a 24-hour away drive, we are going to be stopping along the way and having fun across the country from Michigan to Florida. I have been planning this for months, and I am really starting to look forward to it.

As I planned for the trip, I thought about many different factors when deciding where to stop...
  • Where could the kids have fun?
  • Where are there activities everyone can enjoy? 
  • What can we afford?
This summer, we are a bit limited in where we can stop, since we are trying to stay close to the shortest route to Florida and back, but for most people, the opportunities for where to travel to are almost endless...

I encourage you to think big! Make this summer vacation the best you can! I like to watch those travel shows that highlight some of the best places to visit. One show I watched recently was on the coolest places in the United States to visit. There were a lot of really great ideas! Here are some to get you thinking...

If you want to go out west, have fun at Provo Beach Resort!
If you will be heading out east, check out some of the historic places like Colonial Williamsburg.
If you are near me in Michigan, make sure you stop by Mackinac Island and the Upper Peninsula.

Whatever you do, plan ahead and make sure that this trip is one to remember!


  1. We have made plans for two trips this summer and changed them a dozen times. We will be heading to New England to visit family and attend a mini reunion. We were going to add a third week and go into Canada, but our garden would be overrun with weeds if we took that long, so we'll pass.
    Later in the year we are going on a Caribbean cruise, I think. We were going to take an Alaskan cruise and be gone 3 weeks, but that changed. I haven't made final reservations on anything yet, so it could change again. We just like to travel

  2. I love to travel but just don't have the finances to go very far. Most of my travel is within a one day drive of home and I try to find coupons or giveaways that help pay for the expenses.
    This year I will be making a trip to the west coast for my grandson's wedding so that is my big trip for the past 5 years.


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