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Monday, May 28, 2012

Gluten Free Muffin Recipes

MMMMMMMM.......Muffins!    I love them.  A perfect portion of a sweet snack or a savory side that is always gobbled up.   Since I have gone gluten-free, I thought I had to give up muffins forever.   Well, maybe I could find a recipe here or there, or an awesome bakery to hit on occasion.   Then, I found 150 Best Gluten-Free Muffin Recipes

This book surprised and impressed me. The first part of the book is about Muffin Mastery. It gives you 9 simple steps to follow to ensure the best muffins. Then, it simply explains how to adjust for mini muffins or loaves, as well as how to measure and store. Gosh, who knew that all of these things are what really make muffins great! 

OK, let's back up....How is Gluten-Free different than the my regular way of baking? Gluten is the elastic protein in wheat and other grains that hold bread together. Because you have to eliminate the very ingredient that makes a muffin a muffin, you have to find that replacement, and that replacement still better make that muffin!  This book explains how to do it, and luckily for me, the book made it easy.  The book explains the few primary gluten-free flours and how to combine them.  I found the flours readily available in my supermarket, along with some other simple ingredients.

When I got the book, the first thing I did was grab a pack of sticky notes to mark all of the recipes I wanted to try. Oooops, I ran out of sticky notes! There are so many recipes that look delicious.   I tried the Very Lemon Muffins, which were moist and cake like and inhaled by my family.  I also like the selection of Lunch and Supper Muffins.  With recipes for  Pizza Muffins, Quinoa Corn Muffins, Mushroom Feta Muffins, and even BLT Muffins, you not only have tasty snacks but a meal in hand.   I love this!

Ok, just to tempt you a little more - On Mother's Day, I made my family the best recipe I've had in a long time:  Coconut Almond Joyful Muffins.  "Sweet and flavorful" and "melting in my mouth" is the best description, but words only can do so much.  I think you should grab the book by Robert Rose Publishing, and start baking!   You can find the book easily online and in other stores.

*Cathy was given this book to review with no obligation to write a positive review.  Her opinions are her own.

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  1. I love Almond Joys. The Coconut Almond Joyful Muffins look and sound yummy. The last thing I need is another cookbook, but I love them.. I may get this one just for this recipe..

    Thanks for the review.


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