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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Leakey Collection Review

I am so excited to talk to you about the Leakey Collection again today. I mentioned the Leakey collection last year as one of my fave Earth Day products, and now I get to share with you some new products that I just love!

Eco-Chic Hangtag - Purple, Green, Blue ColorblockingZulugrass is their stand-out line that is sold individually or in multi strand, which allows you to get precisely the color, depth and weight of the jewelry that you want. It has an earthy, organic look and feel, yet is completely modern. I received the beautiful Zulugrass necklaces shown to the side. They are bold and bright in purple, green, and blue, and look fabulous together or separate. You can wear them as necklaces or bracelets mixed and matched however you like!

What is really special about Zulugrass is the story behind it. The Zulugrass concept was born out of need. A devastating drought in Kenya in 2001 forced the men to leave behind the women and children, so they could take the surviving cattle far up country in search of grazing land. As a result, the Leakeys (the founders of this collection) found themselves supporting as many as 100 Maasai families by giving them money for food, school fees, medical expenses and housing. This was not sustainable for either party and the Leakeys knew they had to find another way. From there, they developed this gorgeous collection. Not only are the Massai women paid for their work and given the flexibility they need to maintain their jobs, 5% of profits go back to supporting infrastructure in the Rift Valley of Kenya. That is a beautiful partnership, and that is why I love supporting the Leakey Collection!

The other great jewelry I want to share with you today is their brand new I AM bracelets.
Each 7" I AM Bracelet is designed to remind us of the important things in life - the things that women cherish. Made from fallen branches, each charm is hand-branded with one of our meaningful signs- hearts, flowers, and more and they combine 2 coordinating Zulugrass colors. These bracelets are so much fun! I love the beautiful reminders. I had a great time sharing the story of these bracelets with my two children. My daughter loves them just as much as I do!

Have fun supporting a great company and beautiful women's talents while wearing unique and special jewelry! You can buy any products from the Leakey collection right from the website or look for a retailer near you. I was shocked and excited to see that they sell them only 15 minutes from me!!


  1. Thank you for your beautiful post on our Zulugrass. I will be returning to Kenya soon and will share with the women your post. They are very proud of the work they do and this will make them smile.

    Katy Leakey

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Katy! I am honored that you will share my words with these beautiful women. Have a great time on your trip! Thank you for all you do.


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