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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hylunia Skin Care Review

What makes skin great?  Genes? What you put in your body? The care you give it?  Probably all of these things. While I have been focusing on what I put in my body, I can't deny that it is also important to choose the right topical care for my skin.  I've been lucky enough to try some wonderful products lately, and recently, I found another brand that I can say I love - HYLUNIA.

Hylunia is a skin care line developed out of a father's love.  As a scientist, the founder of Hylunia knew that only a holistic, organic approach would work and be safe for his daughter's skin.   Combining natural ingredients resulted in this line that helps the skin heal and protect itself.

The big question I always have is: What does my skin need?   With so many products on the market, and a barrage of companies claiming that their product is for me, what do I really believe?   I now believe in Hylunia because they believe that knowledge is power.  Hylunia wants you to take charge of what you need by listing every ingredient, what its properties are, and what they can do for you.  What sounds better to you? Being empowered by knowledge or being snowed over by a glossy ad?  Because I feel TAUGHT, not sold, I TRUST this company.  

I tried the Facial Cleansing Lotion and found my skin soft and clean, but not tight.  This is exactly how I want it to feel.   I also have been using the Beyond Complex C and Super Moisturizing Day Lotion.  I learned that Vitamin C can help to reduce wrinkles and lines, and the lotion itself is combined with other ingredients which help soothe and repair. 

It's never just one thing is it?  Yes, we must eat healthy...Yes, we must exercise....Yes, we must avoid chemicals and toxins and...Yes, we must take care of our skin!  Hylunia helps you do just that!  To order this brand, go directly to their website, get educated, pick what is right for you, and TRUST this company.   You can also find them on facebook where you can pick up information and special offers.

*Cathy was given Hylunia products to try and was under no obligation to write a positive review.  Her opinions are her own.

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  1. I like that they not only list the ingredients but explain them.


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