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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dermalactives....A Little Bit of Luxury

Do you like LUXURY?  In my busy and very budgeted life, it seems like material luxuries are out of the question.  I will spend money on a quality product, if I really, really need it.  There are some things where a generic or lower cost subsitute just won't do.  If you like luxury, or if you enjoy purchasing some really good products for yourself, or as gifts, I found a product for you........

Dermalactives is a line of face and body care that is pure luxury.  Offering products for what seems to be every need-cleansing, anti-aging, exfoliating, and hydrating, you can be sure to find a fit for your body part.  What sets Dermalactives apart?   The products go deep - way deep with a special polymer that delivers the special ingredients every part of your skin needs to repair it.   The company is committed to 100% satisfaction with a team of scientists, estheticians, and dermatologists with the goal of bringing natural solutions to your skin issues.  

I tried the Body Scrub and Body Butter.  The first thing I noticed was the smell-it is labeled white tea and water lily, and honestly, it smells great!   The body butter is more than I expected from a body butter.   I thought for sure that the scent would fade fast, and the softness would diminish.  I am pretty picky when it comes to claiming something is good.....for sure this passes my personal expectations in both of these areas.  My only hesitation would be that I know that for some people the scent/ingredients can cause problems for some with sensitivity issues.  Like all products, be sure to check the ingredients for yourself.    I have used the Body Scrub a couple of times now.   The first time I used it, I rubbed it all over in the shower.  My skin definitely felt soft and silky, but not slippery.  I was a little worried that there would be residue left over in my shower creating a hazard, but, guess what?  There WAS NOT.  That is really a bonus.  The next time I used the body scrub, I stuck to just using it on my feet.  I feel a whole lot more confident going into flip flop season.    

Back to the idea of luxury.  Dermalactives are a little more pricey than I am used to.  But, that is just me.....I am sure there are many of you that either are, or know someone who prefers to spend a little more as long as the product produces results.  I doubt you would be disappointed in Dermalactives.  After all, don't we all deserve the luxury of great skin?  

*Cathy was given Dermalactives to write her own opinion on, she was under no obligation to write a positive review.

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  1. Sometimes all we can hope for is a few minutes to ourselves. We shouldn't feel guilty finding the most luxurious way we can to spend it. We deserve a little treat and this sounds like a good one.


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