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Friday, April 13, 2012

Earth Day Tip #7

What do you do when you have old clothes or old toys that you don't want anymore?

We might think that the fastest, easiest solution is to just throw them out...but do we really need to add to the mounds of garbage in landfills already?

No way!

Here are some super easy solutions to getting rid of the "stuff" in your life:

- Donate it to charity
-Auction the really nice items on line (extra cash sounds great to me!)
-Bring them into your local second hand store, support a local business, and make some extra money
-Post on one of the many websites that facilitate online giving/selling
-Have a garage sale 


Go Big! Host a "Stuff Swap" party with your friends. Unload what you don't want and get stuff that you do want...for free!! Win, win!


  1. We don't throw anything away. We have several charities we work with. Catholic Charities here has a transitional housing warehouse with furniture and other household goods. Everything we have in that area goes there. Men's clothing goes to the local VA facility. They have a clothes closet for residents and the large population of homeless veterans. Other items are donated to church yard sales and thrift stores run by the animal shelter, a homeless shelter, and a domestic abuse shelter. I am a Red Cross disaster volunteer, so if I see a need on a call, some items go that way. I of course keep an ear open for family and friends who need something I might have.
    We also shop the thrift stores. It can save a bundle.

  2. Awesome ideas! Thanks for sharing!


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