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Monday, March 19, 2012

Here We Go...Earth Day Event

It is is Spring! There is nothing more sad to me than taking a beautiful walk outside and seeing all the nasty garbage along the side of the road, the nasties in a nearby pond, smelling harsh chemicals, and so on. You get my point, Spring is a beautiful time to appreciate our planet and all the beauty in it.

With my Earth Day Event that will go through the official Earth Day, April 22nd, I am going to be passing on helpful, easy tips to go greener and make a difference on our planet with my Tuesday Tips. I am also going to be sharing great eco-friendly products with you, so enjoy!

I want to kick off this event with one of the easiest tips ever!

Earth Day Tip #1
Stop. Bend over. Pick up that piece of trash you're about to walk by.


To make this a bigger event, organize a "trash hunt" with your kids, your neighbors, church or or friends. 30 minutes + 5 people = a huge impact on your environment! Think about all the trash that will be in bags instead of...
an animal's stomach,
a nearby body of water,
a forest or park,
a storm drain,
your yard in your child's hands...

Go and make a difference!


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