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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Earth Day Event - Boots Organic Rosewater Toner

I know by now to try to buy as many organic foods as I can, but what about the other things I use in my life? I know eating organic is healthy, but, organic goes beyond eating. We should choose organic products not only because they work better, but because they are made better. Recently, I was given Boots Organic Rosewater Toner. At first, I thought about what it would do for me. Then, it hit me: What could I do for the environment by using it? For starters, using organic products means that the materials used weren't produced with chemicals or pesticides. That means that our Earth is protected from contaminates running into our water supply, or seeping into our soils. Additionally, I got to thinking about the manufacturing processes, and realized that if we took care to make products organically, without GMOs, that would benefit our future generations, by keeping our crops and soils strong, and natural.
Like many of you, I just KNOW that organic is best.....but really, I have to know: How does that product WORK?
As a busy mom, I skip a lot of steps. I never understood the point of using toner in my skin care routine. I have to laugh a little, because my actual routine consists of scrubbing my face in the shower, then once out and dried off, I slap a little moisturizer on....that's it. You should know that from time to time, I have purchased "complete" sets of skin care, only to have a big stash of toner left over. The reason I have so many bottles left over? I would say because I...
1. find toners drying
2. it smells bad/is irritating.

When I received Boots Organic Rosewater Toner to try, I decided to re-evaluate toning. So, here it is, the reasons you should tone:
1. After you cleanse/scrub, there are or could very well be some impurities left on your skin. A good toner will help you get rid of those little microscopic traces of dirt.
2. In order to look smooth, your pores need to be tight and small. This does not mean that your skin should be stripped and dried out. You should have some natural oils left.
3. Ok, so this is just my opinion, but, I think toning should act as a reward for going through that one extra step. Let's say, it should smell good, leaving your sense of smell a little long lasting treat.
I am happy to say that Boots Organic Rosewater Toner does all three of these things. As I sit here writing this, after just a few days of using the toner, I find myself reaching up to touch my skin. It honestly feels soft and smooth, but not dry at all. It doesn't feel like someone or something is stretching my skin feels lifted, not pulled. The smell....well, that's the best smells light and the damask roses it is made from. I have to say that I may just love it enough to add another step to my routine...that says a lot for this mom!
Where can you buy Boots? You can look for it at many retailers nationwide, or online. I think you will love, love, love it!
*Cathy was given Boots Organic Rosewater Toner to review, and was under no obligation to write a positive review. Her opinions are all her own.*

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  1. It smells amazing, and the scent is completely natural, from Damask Rose oil, no fragrance added! This product is 100% completely organic. And it does what it says; soothes and tones. The price isn't sky high either.


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